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SUITCASE has teamed up with contemporary-cool travel brand Horizn Studios to bring you jet-setting hacks from those who know best, helping you to nail the urban-nomad lifestyle wherever your next adventure takes you.

Here are our top tips for getting through the airport as speedily as possible, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your trip.

1. Fly from a local airport; they’re smaller and fewer people fly from them. A limited selection of shops and bars also decreases the chances of getting distracted and missing your flight altogether.

2. Try to pick a flight which leaves in the middle of the day. Fewer flights arrive between 10AM and 4PM, so the airport will be less crowded.

3. Pre-pack your liquids in a clear plastic bag at home – it’s not like you ever actually use those sandwich bags to take your lunch to work.

4. Have your documents ready. Don’t be the one that’s frantically emptying the contents of their handbag (complete with whatever is lurking at the bottom) to locate your passport. If you want to be super smooth, invest in a chic Horizn travel wallet and put all the necessary papers in there.

5. Travel light, using a carry-on suitcase to ensure you skip the dreaded wait by the carousel. This even applies if you’re going long-haul – if you still haven’t nailed your capsule wardrobe, now’s the time. Horizn’s cabin trolley has a space-efficient interior and if it doesn’t fit in there, you don’t need it.

6. Horizn suitcases also have an integrated mobile charger meaning you will never (ever) run out of battery – always a nightmare when on the move. Remember to remove the integrated mobile charger when going through security though. Thanks to its nifty design it pops out in just one click and saves you from having to go through the whole palava again.

7. Don your freshest trainers and be prepared to walk fast, sticking to the wall to avoid the people lingering in the middle of walkways tripping over their own suitcases.

8. If you’re prone to losing things, get yourself a Horizn guard card. This clever credit-card sized accessory is connected to an app on your phone which will alert you whenever your bag is more than 30 metres away. Parents might like to do the same with their children.

9. Pick an aisle seat at the front of the plane for a smugly swift exit on landing.

10. Don’t assume e-passport control gates are always the fastest. People often get stuck trying to navigate their way through these ‘clever’ portals – robots haven’t replaced real human interaction just yet.

Check out all Horizn Studios’ travel products here.

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