Horizn Hacks: How to Get a Hotel Room Upgrade

Thu, 16 March 2017
horizn room upgrade

SUITCASE has teamed up with contemporary-cool luxury travel brand Horizn Studios to bring you jet-setting hacks from those who know best, helping you to nail the urban-nomad lifestyle wherever your next adventure is taking you.

Here, we tackle the Holy Grail of travelling smart: how to maximise your chances of getting a room upgrade without being a total diva – because you’re the one asking for a favour, after all.

1. Time your stay carefully. Travel mid-week or in low season when there will be more available rooms just waiting for you to rest your head on those plush pillows.

2. Don’t make requests in advance because you’re more likely to be assigned a specific room prior to your arrival.

3. Keep your stay short – you’re more likely to be upgraded for a night or two than an entire week.

4. Don’t book the cheapest room then arrive and ask for an upgrade. The more you’ve paid in the first place, the more likely they are to see you as a valuable customer and reward you for spending those extra pennies.

5. Arrive at the hotel in the early evening when they’re more likely to know which rooms are still available. Don’t leave it too late though because those with the authority to upgrade you may have clocked off.

6. Talk loudly (but subtly) in reception about how you are going to make this your annual holiday destination. If you do travel to the same place regularly, be sure to always stay in the same hotel so you become a trusted customer.

7. Be special – dress well and have impeccable manners. A good tip for daily life too.

8. Plan your trip around a special occasion and let the hotel know it’s an important trip. Whatever you do, don’t arrive and pretend it’s your birthday – you’ll be left red-faced when you hand over your passport.

9. Just ask. Being specific in your request, such as asking for a seaview or fridge, makes it look less like you’re simply gunning for a swanky suite.

10. If you’re successful, remember to do something in return, such as leaving a good review on their social media page or leaving a personal thank-you note for the manager.

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