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SUITCASE has teamed up with contemporary-cool luxury travel brand Horizn Studios to bring you jet-setting hacks from those who know best, helping you to nail the urban-nomad lifestyle wherever your next adventure is taking you.

Go from coach class to upper class with these helpful hints for getting the best out of your flight.

1. Do your research and choose your airline carefully. Booking what appears to be the cheapest flight may not always end up so after you’ve factored in all the extra add-ons, while you may decide that spending an extra £50 is totally worth it comfort-wise.

2. Choose your seat wisely. If you’re know you’re a bathroom regular, choose an aisle seat near the loo. If you’re a camel-bladdered, cloud-spotting enthusiast, opt for the window further away. To lessen your chances of a dreaded middle seat, choose a Boeing 767 aircraft because they have fewer of them.

3. Befriend the cabin crew. They run the show and decide who gets that extra blanket / last miniature bottle of prosecco.

4. Get a portable phone charger so there’s no chance of your phone dying, leaving you without your in-flight zen playlist to block out screaming children and unable to access maps when you land.

5. Stay hydrated. That does not mean nail seven G&Ts; we’re talking about good old H2O. We don’t mean to be party poopers but drinking will upset your sleep pattern further and make your jetlag worse. And cocktails taste better by the pool anyway.

6. This also applies to your skin. Wash your face before you go to sleep and apply a rich moisturiser so you’re fresh-faced when you land.

7.Brush your teeth and pack a change of underwear – both will make your feel like a new person.

8. Avoid eating large meals because it will make you sluggish, while aeroplane food is often full of salt which will dehydrate you. Pack some fruit ‘n’ nut mix to munch throughout movies.

9. It might be obvious but moving around the plane makes a world of difference to both body and mind, while helping you to avoid that unsightly swollen-ankle look.

10. Sleep. Resist the urge to stay up all night perusing the in-flight entertainment. Eye mask on, ear plugs in, and invest in a flight pillow – total game changer.

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