With dodgy airplane food and disorienting time zones, travel can take its toll on the body. No one knows this better than Russell Bateman, the founder of the Skinny Bitch Collective (SBC) and personal trainer of models and celebrities alike. We caught up with the man himself to find out how to keep motivated while on the move. Rest assured his travel tips are as tough as his notorious fitness classes – he’ll have you doing downward dogs in the airport and packing meals with a militant attention to detail.

I’m off to New York soon, so it’s time for myself (and SBC) to have a proverbial bite of the big apple pie.

One thing that always perturbs me on transatlantic flights is the airplane food. I’ve always loved flying but the cuisine that ‘fuels’ my fellow ‘Eco warriors’ (economy class) conjures a feeling inside me akin to the night before root canal surgery.

So what to do? You prepare your food the night before your flight and bring it with you. There are a myriad of benefits backing up this choice. How many times do we eat an awful breakfast or even skip it because we haven’t prepared? That old adage “don’t prepare, prepare to fail” will come to fruition.


I’ll admit it’s tedious, but prepping food for a flight (and every night before work) will place you in the jet stream for a next level body.

While others are forced to eat reheated pasta or curry from the airplane trolley, I’m usually munching on an organic salmon fillet, almonds and berries. I know I’ll be looked at but I’m pretty certain I’ll be enjoying my meal a lot more than my fellow passengers, and my body will be happy for it as well.

I hope the message is clear: Prepping your food for a flight will reap great rewards because nutrient dense organic produce will increase your energy and neurotransmitters, in turn helping you acclimatise to your new surroundings and the onset of the dreaded ‘jet slag.’

See you soon, NYC.

P.S. Don’t pack boiled eggs (I’m banned from Easyjet)


  • Eating the food in airports and on airplanes is a sure way to increase stress and speed the aging process. Always carry ‘real food’ that you can eat on the fly.
  • Find healthy food that travels well, like celery, peppers, carrots, and berries. Throw some berries into a Tupperware with some coconut yoghurt and cinnamon and add some nuts. In a pinch, high-protein, low-carb snacks beat the pants off standard machine food and anything you’re going to pick up or eat on board the plane.
  • Preparing your food for the next day is crucial. Pack your Tupperware with organic produce and snack on berries (high antioxidant value), nuts (healthy fats and omega 3 content) and high protein foods. Raw vegetables are great too. Take a digestive enzyme and this protocol will reap benefits for energy, mood, brain function and get you leaner. Your body will thank you for this a few days into your vacation.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Carry Oreganol P73, which is an oregano supplement that can help fight viruses and aids digestion.
  • Exercise in airports and during your journey can help your circulatory, digestive and immune systems. Try some squats, downward dogs and when you arrive at your destination, go out for a run.
  • Wearing clothing made of natural fibres, such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or wool can go a long way to increase comfort and decrease travel stress.

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