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On the Venetian island of Giudecca, standing on the steps of the gleaming Il Redentore church, I meet a friar from Tanzania called Oswald. Taking in the strange beauty of this ghostly place we gaze out to the medieval Manhattan that is Venice and, in that wonderful confluence of timing, mood and coincidence, strike up a conversation.

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Disconnect to Reconnect: Off-Grid Hideaways

Secluded. Remote. Tranquil. Islands are often hailed as the ultimate escape. Yet it doesn’t need repeating that a geographical location doesn’t always dictate our mentality – and a life-altering, clandestine retreat needn’t always be surrounded by an expanse of water.

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Embrace the adventurous appetite of the next generation. SUITCASE Magazine challenges travel perceptions with thought-provoking photo journals, city guides and articles by award-winning international writers.

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Vol. 21 The Islands Issue

There exists inside each of us a strange longing to be shipwrecked. From the swashbuckling pirate tales of chi...