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SUITCASE Magazine exists to change the way you travel. Forget underwhelming tourist clichés, and embrace the adventurous appetite of the next generation.


Whether tracing paths through ancient mountains in China, corralling cowboys in Arizona or encountering wild elephants in Borneo, today’s pioneers seek immersion rather than dominion.

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I stand amid a jagged series of crags and peaks, enveloped in a reddish haze that tinges both the rocks and the sky an unusual shade of Mars. I might indeed be tricked into believing I’m on another planet altogether, were it not for the strip of dusky-pink road that snakes through the centre of the valley like a tongue and reminds me that others have traced their way into the depths of this mirage-like place before me.

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Each volume features thought-provoking photo journals, colourful city guides, fashion editorials in inspirational locations and articles by award-winning international writers.

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Embrace the adventurous appetite of the next generation. SUITCASE Magazine challenges travel perceptions with thought-provoking photo journals, city guides and articles by award-winning international writers.

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Vol. 23 The Adventure Issue

The modern traveller believes that adventure is an escape from the manufactured in search of the authentic. Fo...