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Today’s world is awash with the effects of this powerful pull towards the past. In an era characterised by instability – the threat of automation, the resurgence of extremism, climate change – our tendency is to cling to idealised days gone by. On the softer end of the scale is the millennial obsession with retro technology, fashion and pop culture. Yes, nostalgia can trap us in an imaginary utopia that may quickly turn dystopian – but it can also inspire, teach and give us an anchor both to where we came from and where we hope to go. 

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I defy even the most hardened of hearts not to burst with wonderment as Akko spills into view from the train ferrying arrivals along the coastline. Turquoise domes and copper minarets rise from behind the storied walls of the Old City, while orderly rows of palms line up against the cerulean horizon. There’s little hint of modernity save for the cluster of yachts moored in the marina. An ancient city in Israel’s far north, Akko’s history stretches back millennia. Today it is marked as one of the most diverse places in the country where myriad faiths and perspectives coexist.

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Embrace the adventurous appetite of the next generation. SUITCASE Magazine challenges travel perceptions with thought-provoking photo journals, city guides and articles by award-winning writers.

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Vol. 26 The Nostalgia Issue

In an era characterised by instability – the threat of automation, the resurgence of extremism and global ch...