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Sometimes I feel like I’ve swallowed my iCal. Its little grey dots prickle under the surface of my skin and in those half-lucid moments between sleep and wakefulness, it isn’t technicolour fantasies that swim beneath my eyelids, but instead the ghostly outlines of events not yet experienced, dates not yet honoured, agreements not yet upheld.

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To understand Helsinki all you really need to do is walk. The city is compact enough to get to grips with in just a few hours. It has a perfectly balanced clash of architecture – Functionalist masterpieces pop up beside industrial waterside districts, cobbled streets, Art-Nouveau public spaces and blossoming parks. Cutting-edge fashion, music, art and food play a part in everyday life, yet the promise of nature at every turn gives the city a soothing, slow-paced quality.

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Embrace the adventurous appetite of the next generation. SUITCASE Magazine challenges travel perceptions with thought-provoking photo journals, city guides and articles by award-winning international writers.

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Vol. 24 The Slow Issue

Today we live in two worlds – the futuristic world of the fast (hyper-real, tech-amplified, ever-acceleratin...