Privacy Policy

Your privacy is extremely important to us. If you have any questions or suggestions about data or privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

This website is owned and operated by SUITCASE Group, parent company of SUITCASE Magazine Ltd and SUITCASE Media Ltd. SUITCASE Group is a company registered in England and Wales under registration number 07866400. Our registered address is 3-4 Mount Street, London, W1K 3NB, UK. Our VAT number is 167412115. When we say ‘SUITCASE’ or ‘SUITCASE Magazine’ we mean the website ( operated by or on behalf of the SUITCASE Group.

It is SUITCASE Magazine’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect while operating our website. Accordingly, we have developed this privacy policy for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and make use of personal information.

This privacy policy explains the following:

  • What personal information do we collect from you?
  • Anonymous data
  • Identifiable data
  • Data processor policies
  • Deleting data
  • How is your information processed, stored and kept secure?
  • Do we share your personal information with anyone else?
  • Changing your opt-in or opt-out status
  • Advertising
  • Access to information
  • How to ask question or contact us about this policy

What personal information do we collect from you?

The data we collect about you may be identifiable or anonymous. Identifiable data uses something personal about you, for example, an email address or name. We may collect from you and process information that you provide to us when placing an order, registering online, setting up or amending an account with us on our website, for example, your name, address, email address, contact numbers, password, and card details which can be used when you subsequently place an order. This also may include information which you voluntarily disclose to us by email or other means or information requested as part of a survey or contest. These details are sometimes used by us for reporting or for advertising.

Anonymous data is data we use that tracks your actions on or off our website but does not specifically attribute this action to you, so we cannot see that you personally completed an action but we can see that somebody completed that action. We may, as an example, collect details about your visits to our website, including traffic data, location data and other communication data, used for analytics to improve your experience with the website. We use this data for reporting and for monitoring the effectiveness of advertising or marketing campaigns.

Anonymous data

With the below data processors, we need to share the anonymous data with them to be able to use these various reporting or advertising tools. We do not share any identifiable information, such as a name or an email, for the performance of these tools.

Crazy Egg – this tool is used to analyse what our website users’ activity is on each webpage. We look at the webpage through ‘heat maps’, which shows where users click on a page. This allows us to optimise our website, so that we can position our content in the most relevant place.

DoubleClick For Publishers – we track impressions and clicks for our banner ads, so that we can serve the most relevant ads to our users. We might also serve different ads based on a user’s online profile, such as, a user’s location, the device they are using, or their gender.

Facebook and Instagram ads – we serve ads to people on Facebook and Instagram based on their user profiles on Facebook and Instagram, this might include what they like, dislike or things they have shown an interest in.

Google Analytics – we analyse website user data, i.e., how someone navigates our website, to understand what areas of our website or which marketing campaigns work best. This might include what country a user is in, whether they are a new visitor or returning user, which marketing campaign they came to the website through. Google Analytics will associate the visitation information that it collects from SUITCASE with Google information from accounts of signed-in users. This means we can track a user across devices if they are signed in to their Google accounts, however we cannot see which user has visited across different devices, so the data is still anonymous.

Google location tracking – we use this for the Planner category on our website so that you can see recommendations that are located near you. This is the only way in which we use this data. You can opt out of location tracking through your browser at any time.

Mailchimp – we track overall clicks and opens for a newsletter. This means we can analyse how newsletters perform.

Quantcast – we anonymously analyse the interests of our users with this tool, for example, we might see that a higher than average percentage of users are vegetarian, so we will use this data to produce vegetarian-specific content.

WordPress – we track article views with this tool, so that our editors can track the progress of each article when they are editing. This tracks how many views each article has attained since being published.

Identifiable data

Data processors that process your identifiable information, i.e., your name, email address, home address, do so on behalf of SUITCASE to process website orders, competitions, reporting and advertising. We never sell this information or use it any way other than fulfilment of our business functions. We do however invite you to read the privacy policies of our identifiable data processors so that you are fully aware of how your data is being used.

Competitions – we use data gathered through competitions to choose the winner and upload the entrants who sign up for newsletters into Mailchimp so that we can send them email campaigns. We also keep a record of these emails saved so that we can prove that entrants gave us permission to email them. We delete any emails from the competition that did not give us permission to send them marketing communications.

We usually capture email sign ups through a form hosted by SquareSpace. This site is only used to capture the emails and then export them.

CVs – we keep CVs from successful applicants for 6 months. CVs are only used for recruitment purposes and are never shared with third parties. Unsuccessful applicants’ CVs are deleted after the position they applied for has been filled.

Facebook – we run ads on Facebook and Instagram that use identifiers of our customers or users who have signed up to receive newsletters from us, we take the profile of these customers or newsletter subscribers and show ads to new users based on similarities between likes and dislikes of our customers or newsletter subscribers. We collect the data for Facebook ads through cookies on our website and through order data collected when a customer purchases. If you would like to opt out from this you can opt out of cookies here, or email [email protected] and we will remove your details from our lists.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics tracks any orders through our website by using an order number as the identifier. While this does not show a name or email, we can use that order number internally to analyse what country a customer was in when they purchased, or for example, what marketing campaign they clicked through before purchasing. This enables us to analyse how our various marketing campaigns are performing, and opportunities for launching new marketing campaigns in different areas. We only use this information internally to monitor performance and never share this with third parties. If you would like your details to be removed from this analysis please email [email protected].

Mailchimp – we use Mailchimp to send out email campaigns to email addresses that have been subscribed to receive newsletter campaigns from us. We track how often a particular email address will open or click through our campaigns, or purchasing behaviour of our database. This allows us to send out campaigns based on an email address’s behaviour, so that we can be more targeted in our messaging. We also use this service to send out unique order-based offers, for example, sending a discount code for a product when a customer purchases a magazine.

PayPal – this is used to process payments on the SUITCASE site.

Social media – we use four companies for scheduling and commenting on social media posts. Namely, these are Sprout Social, Buffer, Planoly and Later. These tools are only used for our scheduling and commenting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Stripe – this is used to take payments from customers on the SUITCASE site.

WooCommerce – we use WooCommerce to process orders on the site, this will involve keeping customer details so that we can renew annual subscriptions each year, and to charge different prices for different products. We also use this tool to export all our order data for analysis., for example, which products sold in certain time periods.

Data Processor policies

We invite you to review the below privacy policies. These are companies that handle your data on behalf of SUITCASE. While these companies are trusted by us to handle your data, it is important that you review them as well so that you are fully aware of how your data is processed. If you have any questions regarding this do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].








Deleting data

We will delete all identifiable data when it no longer serves the purpose for which we are holding it. If you would like any data deleted, email us at [email protected].

How is your information processed, stored and kept secure?

SUITCASE accepts a reasonable duty of care when it comes to keeping your information secure. Our website currently uses high-level Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. You can therefore rest assured that we take the security of your payment and personal details very seriously. We may vary this in the future if we feel you will benefit from greater security whilst using our website.

You can tell whether a webpage is secure as ‘https’ will replace the ‘http’ at the front of the in your browser address window, also a small locked padlock will appear in the bottom bar of your browser window. The websites and our servers have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to protect against unauthorised or unlawful use of your personal information as well as the accidental loss, destruction or damage of your personal information whilst under our control. We conduct regular audits of data processing activities and security controls to ensure we have the highest level of security at all times.

We also ensure that personal information systematically destroyed, erased, or anonymised when it is no longer legally required to be retained or to fulfil the purpose(s) for which it was collected.

Do we share your personal information with anyone else?

We never share your data with any third parties other than Data Processors, who need your data in order to fulfil a service, such as reporting or taking payment for an order, on behalf of SUITCASE. If we give your data to a third party who is not providing a service, for example, email entrants from a competition, we will only pass this data once we’ve been given express consent by you to do so.

Changing your opt-in or opt-out status

Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date. You can log in to your account to access and amend your details. If you are having any difficulties accessing these details or would like to change your opt-in status, contact us at [email protected]. To opt out of cookie tracking, you can do so here.

All our marketing emails also have unsubscribe links featured in the footer. Clicking this link may be the fastest way to stop receiving these communications.


As a business, we try to generate revenue from our website through both magazine sales and advertising on the site. See below the different forms of advertising we currently conduct. Advertising types do evolve over time so we urge you to regularly review this privacy policy if you are interested in what advertising we do. We will add to the list below should a new form of advertising be introduced to the site.

Sponsored content – from time-to-time we produce content that has been paid for by an advertiser. When this appears as an article we have a label at the top of the page saying, “Advertisement feature | SUITCASE + (advertiser’s name)”. This is to let you know that the article has been paid for by an advertiser. We may also feature these articles on our social media feeds or in our newsletters, our users will be able to see the advertisement label at the top of the article when they click through from either social media or a newsletter.

Competitions – sometimes the competitions we offer have been paid for by an advertiser. A competition that has been paid for will usually involve following an advertiser on social media or subscribing to their newsletter. We will always ask for permission before sending an advertiser your email address. Not signing up for newsletters for an advertiser or for SUITCASE newsletters will not affect your chances in any competition.

Display ads – the majority of our banner ads throughout the site have been paid for by an advertiser (excepting SUITCASE’s own ads). These are sometimes personalised to target you specifically based on your online profile (for example, if you are female and based in the UK).

Affiliate links – these are links on our website to another website that track whether someone clicks through a link and subsequently purchases something on that website. We would then receive commission on that purchase.

Access to information

You have the right to access information held about you. If you wish to see what data we are holding about you, please write to the below and address and we will process your request within 30 days.

Data Controller, 3-4 Mount Street, London. W1K 3NB.

How to ask questions or contact us about this policy

We realise that there is a lot of information in this policy, we are very happy to discuss the details in greater depth or answer any questions if there is anything you do not understand. We would also love your feedback. Email us at [email protected].