11 Japanese Instagrammers You Should Be Following

There’s no culture on the planet that quite knows how to explore the quirks of style and fashion like the Japanese. These are 11 accounts you need to be following from Japan.

Mikiko Yano

Japanese actress Mikiko Yano’s Instagram is the perfect window
into Japanese fashion and lifestyle and features posts from acting
jobs and modelling as well as insight into her personal life. She
looks pretty great in baker boy hats and kimonos.


Yuka Mannami

Angel-faced Yuka Mannami is a Japanese model. With her box cut
fringe and long black hair, she looks perfect in gothic school-girl
style clothing. Her Instagram account, which helped her land a
contract with a modelling agency, offers a peek behind scenes of
photo shoots, images from her recent campaigns and funny shots
offering a glimpse into her personal life.


Ayumi Seto

Director and designer Ayumi Seto has the enviable ability to
pull off any type of clothing. From bomber jackets to brightly
coloured shirts, she looks good in everything. She’s cool and
quirky and her Instagram feed glows with personality.



Blogger and photographer Eri entices us with her ridiculous
collection of colourful jumpers and her cool analogue photographs
of friends. She documents her travels meticulously.


Naomi Watanabe

Every time we look at comedian Naomi Watanabe’s Instagram we end
up in a fit of laughter. She’s a rockstar at posing and her take on
Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney’s song FourFiveSeconds is


Tina Tamashiro

“Model idol” Tina Tamashiro takes both digital and film
photographs, which she uses to document her life on Instagram. Her
fame extends beyond the sphere of modelling – she’s a movie and
television actress in Japan.


Tomoco Nozaki

Follow the travels of model Tomoco Nozaki as she explores the
world through fashion and food. She posts pictures of mouthwatering
meals as well as OOTDs and behind the scenes shots from


Ashley Yuka

Sister of superwoman Kiko Mizuhara, it’s safe to say that talent
and looks definitely run in the family. Coming from American and
Japanese descent, she speaks both Japanese and English. Her account
is a great destination for fashion inspiration.


Nairu Yamamoto

Nairu Yamamoto is a Japanese model who has embraced the block
fringe/long hair look that’s so popular in Japan right now. Her
quirky posts are filled with snapchat filters and emojis.


Risa Nakamura

With her perfectly curled hair, rosy cheeks and baby face, Risa
Nakamura embodies the Japanese term ‘kawaii’, meaning cute. Her
style is incredibly popular in Japan and has become iconic around
the world.


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