About Us

Through a quarterly print magazine, daily updated website, weekly newsletter and experiential events, we hope to change the way you travel, with an ultimate aim of bridging cultures and connecting people.

As a travel brand, we're frequently asked how we balance a thirst for exploration with the negative impact that travel has on the planet.

Be it climate change from carbon emissions or the pressures of overtourism, the detrimental effects of globetrotting are undeniable.

So, should we all stop travelling? Making up over 10 per cent of global GDP and contributing to almost 320 million jobs, tourism is a lifeline for many people and communities, and to stop travelling completely would have differently devastating effects the world over. In an increasingly polarised world, it is perhaps more important than ever to explore new places. Of course, many travel to visit family and friends too.

But a careful, considered approach to the trips we do decide to take is paramount. At SUITCASE, our intention has always been to provide our readers with thoughtful, informed recommendations, encouraging slower and more mindful travel.

We hope we help you to travel better, and always love hearing your stories from around the world.

The Team

Serena Guen, Founder

Multi-national Serena founded the award-winning SUITCASE while in her third year at NYU. Her accolades include being named as Forbes 30 under 30 (2017) as well as one of 25 under 25 most influential Londoners by the Evening Standard. In 2018, she won a Woman of the Future Award for media and a Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Queen of the long weekend, Serena is the team's hotel aficionado. Her favourite micro-trip to date was Iceland and her most anticipated of the year is a road trip from Austin to Marfa.

India Dowley, Editor-in-Chief

London-born India cut her teeth in travel journalism while living in South America and freelancing for publications including Rough Guides, Time Out, The Guardian and SUITCASE Magazine, where she went in-house in 2016. The magazine's inadvertent adventurer, catch her horse-riding across Jordan, off-roading in Madagascar or being chased by wild dogs through the Transylvanian countryside. Despite having a Norwegian grandmother, she's ashamed to say she's yet to make it to Scandinavia - it's on her travel hit list, along with a road trip across the Stans to Mongolia.

Sarah Bentley, Head of E-Commerce

Exposure therapy can be a powerful tool in overcoming fear. After working for four years in digital marketing for a luxury fashion site, Sarah joined the SUITCASE team in 2016 with acute aviophobia (fear of flying) and a strong conviction that working in the travel industry would help conquer her fears. SUITCASE coaxes her daily with alluring images of far-flung destinations and new, unexplored terrains, slowly summoning a quiet passion for travel. Thirty flights (and 30 cognacs later), she now travels with the confidence that the magazine evokes.

Sebastian Bland, Creative Director

After leading a countryside existence, at the age of 18 Sebastian swapped the winding lanes of Shropshire for a faster pace in London. Always a creative at heart, he joined the SUITCASE team fresh out of Bristol University of West England having completed a degree in graphic design. As the first team member he has been fundamental in evolving the SUITCASE brand aesthetic, as well as those of Creative Studio clients. He has two German Design Awards under his belt to show for it. When Sebastian's is not lost in the depths of Photoshop or InDesign, you can most likely find him playing cricket, in the pub or in the South of France where half of his family are from.

Layla Pacha, Digital Marketing Executive

With a Brazilian mother and an Algerian father, Layla's love for exotic places is more nature than nurture. After diving into the social-media world head first and handling everything from wine brands to fashion houses and tech startups, Layla found that combining her penchant for travel and social at SUITCASE was spot on. Despite her far-flung ancestry, she's the resident city girl and will happily trade in her home's Amazonian forest for a concrete jungle, where you'll find her with coffee in hand scouring Instagram for the next must-see spot.

Line Charles, Office Manager

Thai-Norwegian Line had lived in four different countries by the age of 25. At four years old she was packed off to live with her grandfather, a chief monk in Northern Thailand, before moving back to Oslo where she (just about) survived the merciless winters. Next up, she hit Bali to study cultural understanding and tourism with a side of yoga, then she purchased a one-way ticket to Shanghai where she embarked on a Mandarin language programme. Now based in London, she's thrown more money into the education system and has a law degree in the bag. Thanks to her heritage, she is as comfortable whizzing down a mountain on a pair of skis as she is whipping up a batch of tom-yum soup at home.

SUITCASE Creative Studio

Linda Blank, COO

As a teenager, Linda dreamt about becoming a journalist but she also enjoyed solving puzzles and math equations, which put her on the path of a strategy consultant. At Accenture Strategy Linda spent almost five years helping FTSE 100 companies find growth opportunities and operational efficiencies. Several corporate offices later and her head full of frameworks, Linda decided to follow her heart back to the media industry. When not on SUITCASE duty, find her tucking into burrata somewhere in Italy, completing the running route in Biarritz or turning the pages of a Russian classic (her way of paying homage to her parental heritage).

Caroline Baneth, Head of Content and Strategy

Caroline's parents met while island hopping in Greece. Her French mother and American father bridged the transatlantic distance by penning handwritten love letters to each other, which they'd then have to painstakingly translate (this was before Google did it for you). Fast forward 31 years and Caroline is similarly harnessing the power of travel and communication, building strategies to help brands share their visions and values through multimedia travel content. Before SUITCASE, Caroline was Managing Editor at Amazon Fashion Europe and previously headed up editorial content for MR PORTER, spending free time planning adventures to little-known locales in France and the Philippines. Next on her list: Norway.

Grace Lee, Copywriter

A nomad by nature, Grace began her travel media career with a 360 approach, starting out in editorial before moving briefly into PR, and finally finding her niche in creative content at Studio Black Tomato. Marrying travel and communication, she now spends her time crafting brand stories and killer copy lines for SUITCASE Creative Studio's travel and lifestyle clients. When out of office, she's usually found scouring London's streets for the next best Sunday roast or fresh pasta joint. Next on her travel hit list? Georgia's wine country, the Norwegian fjords and The Mongol Rally.