101 Hotel, Reykjavik

101 Hotel, Reykjavik

go to Iceland to explore its
wilderness and enjoy the country’s evocative natural landmarks.
Others are increasingly travelling to its capital Reykjavik for
great nightlife, a growing food scene and music festivals. For
years 101 Hotel has been a leader in
terms of boosting the capital’s cool factor – its rooms have held
celebrities and artists, its futuristic bar has been privy to many
wild weekend nights. Its sleek 1960s design, comfortable monochrome
rooms and delicious restaurant make it the ideal place to stay in
Reykjavik today.


Are comfortable, simply designed and modern. Everything is black
and white, bathrooms are spacious and marbled. The beds come with
plush linens and a thick duvet for cold winter nights. Windows
overlooking the blue-tinted mountains surrounding the city make for
otherworldly views, even in the centre of town.

What’s for breakfast?

A buffet in the restaurant downstairs. Choose from cereals,
fruits, geysir bread and Icelandic cheeses. Don’t miss out on the
cod liver oil.

What about lunch and dinner?

The hotel’s restaurant, Kitchen & Wine, serves impeccable
modern Icelandic dishes. Langoustines drenched in butter are
delicious, as is the rack of lamb off the robata grill. Be sure to
try some of the snacks with your pre-dinner cocktail – spicy
caramel popcorn and fish skin crisps are our favourites.

Is there a bar?

Yes. It’s partly in the restaurant, but the real fun happens off
the lobby of the hotel where some of the most interesting people in
Iceland – both locals and visitors alike – gather to enjoy their
tipple along to the soundtrack of Scandi electro tunes and a
roaring fire.


iPod docks, flat screen TVs and Aveda bath products in rooms.
There’s also a small spa with a gym, steam room and jacuzzi.

Things you should know

If the water smells weird, it’s because most of Iceland‘s water smells weird due to
sulphur. There’s nothing wrong with the pipes.

Within a short walk you can find

Fiskmarkaðurinn, an Icelandic restaurant specialising in fish
dishes with an Asian influence. Expect flawless seafood cooked in
surprising ways and some exotic ingredients, including minke whale
and puffin – both are popular foods in Iceland. Book through Design
Hotels here.

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