24 Hours in Rome with Delfina Delettrez Fendi

As a fourth generation member of Rome's Fendi family, the Italian capital runs in Delfina Delettrez' blood. The city in which her family's fashion brand grew into a global name has helped shape and raise her into the cutting-edge jewellery designer she is today. The 28-year-old continues to design and develop at her eponymous Roman atelier, something that frequently brings her back to the city. If you find yourself with 24 hours in the city of Rome, Delettrez's guide is a safe bet to follow...

If you had 24 hours in Rome where would you…

Sleep: I love the charming rooms in Villa Laetitia, each one is different from the other, with strong personalities, curated in every little detail. It's a very peaceful place.

Eat breakfast: I would go to patisserie Cinque Lune and eat a very Roman cake with a bay leaf.

Wander: The centre of Rome. It's like time travelling, it's a surprise every time you walk the streets, you can always find something you've never seen before, even if you're in the same place for millennia. It's like a surreal scene. You only need to turn your eye and you are in the ancient Roman era, in the Baroque, in the Middle Ages, nowadays...standing still.

Shop: Small Noons shop in Via dei Cesari is where I go for all my tailoring. I like to wear uniforms and put my jewellery in the spotlight. For the best pieces from the 60s, 70s and 80s I go to MAS in Via dello Statuto.

Visit: Centrale Monte Martini in Via Ostiense. It was the first power plant to produce electricity for the home and now the old machinery is the backdrop for ancient Roman sculpture masterpieces. The museum Palazzo Spada with the perspective gallery of Francesco Borromin. It is disorientating and scary but also makes you smile. It's a game of illusions. I love the irony and mastery behind it.

Dine: Settimio al Pellegrino as everyday feels like a Sunday at your grandmother's house!

Drink: The coffee in the Sala Castellani of Villa Laetitia, a palace from the 20s hosting Italian modern art. I love the contrast and harmony you find here - the beauty around you has a completely different flavour to what you drink.

Dance: Vicious for its great music and some little private clubs where you can sing at the piano bar.

What do you always pack in your Suitcase? Anti-hysteria water from the pharmaceutical workshop, Santa Maria Novella, Chanel black eye pencil for my smokey eyes, Proraso shaving foam - I use it for modelling my hair!

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