A Day with Daisy Lowe in Palm Springs

A Day with Daisy Lowe in Palm Springs

Lowe doesn’t seem to spend much time sitting still, even
when she’s relaxing in her favourite holiday spot in Palm
. The model, sometimes actress, author and chef is
constantly on the go, but I managed to interview her while she was
bridal underwear shopping (for a friend) at Agent Provocateur.
Surprisingly grounded with a passionate, creative streak, this
talented multi-tasker seemed to perfectly embody the spirit of the
place that she says inspires her most in the world, Palm

Getting to know Daisy…

SERENA GUEN: Last year we saw the launch of your
cookbook Sweetness and Light. You clearly have an appreciation for
food, healthier food obviously. What are some of the best meals
you’ve had anywhere around the world?

DAISY LOWE: There are so many! My dad got us to
go to a restaurant in London called Dinings, which was the greatest
sushi I’ve ever had. I don’t think it’s one that my wallet can
handle going to very often, but it is really amazing. The lighting
isn’t so amazing though so don’t take dates there.

In New York, there’s a Korean barbecue spot, where all of the
chefs (as well as Anthony Bourdain) go called Kang Ho Dong
Baekjeong. It’s like the chef hangout in K-Town. Order the pork
neck, Wagyu beef and beef tartar. I’ve never had anything like it,
it was unreal.

Finally at Soho House Istanbul there is an amazing restaurant on
the roof called the Mandolin. I went there with my family just last
month, and we ate there two nights in a row and still they’re two
of our greatest meals altogether as a family to date.

“I’m really lucky, I have a really lucky life.”

SG: Although you love food (I’m not
sure where you put it!), you clearly keep in very good shape and
are an advocate of healthy, clean eating. Have you always had this

DL: I have a speedy metabolism but I’m also a
curvy girl, and I’ve always tried to embrace that because I think
it’s really important to promote femininity and make other women
feel good about their bodies. I really wanted to look after my body
from the inside out. So I went on a quest for healthier things in
my early 20s, and started making them for my family and friends.
Then I started getting far too many requests and I was like: “Guys,
you do realise I have a real job? I can’t keep making you chocolate
and cookies!” My mum encouraged me to share my cooking with
everyone so that’s when we started the meetings, and luckily
someone wanted to do it. You know, I’m not trying to be a chef, I
know I’m not a chef, I just love cooking, and cooking with love,
and it was just about being me really.

SG: It seems like you had a shift in
priorities, what’s important to you in life?

DL: I’ve been brought up to be very generous
with my time, energy and all of my resources. My favourite thing to
do is to help my friends, and the people that I love. I spend a lot
of time pouring my energy into a bottomless hole. Yeah, it comes
back, but since doing it I’ve been able to give my energy to people
and that give back and love me too, not people that take me for
granted. And I’ve learned how to speak up for myself, and have
power, not to be afraid. I’m so grateful for that, because it
totally changed the whole landscape of my existence. I’m so much
happier, I have friends that I love and adore, they make my life so
much brighter. I’m really lucky, I have a really lucky life.

On Palm Springs

SG: What does Palm Springs mean to you?

DL: Palm Springs is somewhere that always
inspires me. I don’t know, there’s something about the light and
the mountains, being in the middle of so much space without too
many people. No high rises and just the middle of desert. The sun
shines and there’s a lot of natural beauty everywhere. I love the
stars there and I love the people, I love everything.

To Stay

The Parker is my favourite, and I’m also a huge fan of
the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. I like to rent private
homes when I attend Coachella festival as it’s more homely and you
also get more of a local feel when renting privately.

To Eat

The Parker is amazing for any meal but breakfast especially.
Order everything. Alternatively I love to cook so the kitchenette
in each of their beautiful spacious villas is an added bonus for

Have dinner at Pappy and Harriet’s, an old school saloon in
Pioneertown. The history of it is so cool, it’s an amazing music
venue. Everyone plays there from the Rolling Stones to the Arctic
Monkeys and Little Dragon. Lots of famous musicians perform secret
shows there when they’re staying in Palm Springs.

To Shop

There’s a great place called Resale Therapy, I
always find really good things there. The owner of Resale Therapy
is called Barbie and is a real character! Anyone who comes across
her will surely find some delights.

To Do

I get very inspired out there. I often end up drawing. I’ve gone
there six to seven times for Coachella. Lots of dancing is
definitely a big one for me, listening to music, stargazing and
wonderful grounded time with my friends. I also love finding
crystals while I’m visiting. Every Thursday there’s an Artisan
Market where everyone from Palm Springs comes and sells things they
have made, found or bought. There’s an incredible sense of
community there, and the most incredible vintage shops and antique

What to Pack

When I go I usually end up trying to embody that Palm Springs
spirit of being a 50s pinup or doing that kind of old school
Hollywood thing, being very elegant. Vintage or designers that cut
the body up in the waist, lots of high-waisted bikinis and big
sunglasses. I’m a huge fan of Linda Farrow.

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