Tuscany Marvel: A Landscape of Love

Tuscany Marvel: A Landscape of Love

Patchwork fields, world-famous wineries and endless crumbling castellos, Tuscany is quintessentially Italian.

Tuscany’s charm is expressed in its craftsmanship, in the magnificence of its works of art, in a plate of bruschetta with extra-virgin olive oil, in literature and poetry.

Allegra Antinori

between the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian seas, the rural
region of
oozes a cultural and artistic legacy. With historic
hill towns, sprawling vineyards and a seemingly never-ending amount
of olive
, it’s quitessentially Italian at every turn.

Recognised as the innovator of the Italian Renaissance, every
corner and crevice offers a tasteful appetizer for those enthused
by cultivated art and design. In fact, its cutting-edge
architecture has remained a source of inspiration for some of the
biggest names in fashion – from Gucci to Pucci. A location flooded
with museums and galleries, some of its most beautiful artworks can
be found lurking in local churches and cathedrals.

Ramble around its quintessential villages, hike the hidden
hills, or glug wine in style with a vineyard crawl.

Florence, and Tuscany in general, hold a special place in my heart.

James Ferragamo

The Lowdown

Tuscany Marvel by Cesare Cunaccia is published by Assouline and
is available to purchase at assouline.com

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