The SUITCASE Magazine Issues to Consult Before Planning Your Next European Getaway

The SUITCASE Magazine Issues to Consult Before Planning Your Next European Getaway

Fancy exploring fascinating folklore in Oxford this summer? Feasting in Greece? Cycling – slowly – around Romania? These are the SUITCASE back issues to get your hands on before you go.

35 issues of SUITCASE Magazine (and counting), we’ve struck
out into Europe’s furthest reaches, adventuring near and far in
this vast and varied continent to find the stories worth telling –
and destinations worth visiting. Now, we’ve dived into our back
catalogue to bring you the best of these getaways, from mom-and-pop
cafés off the well-trodden tourist path in Prague, to Romania’s oft-overlooked (but shouldn’t be)
dramatic peaks. These are the issues to get lost in before planning
your next adventure.

The 10 best European stories from SUITCASE Magazine to help
plan your next trip

A man in fancy dress for a festival in Le Puy-en-Velay, France
Le Puy-en-Velay, France


Vol. 25: The Celebration Issue

For those planning a summer dalliance across La Manche, we’d
recommend picking up a copy of Volume 35, our Celebration issue.
Inside, Anna Richards joins madcap summer festivities in
picturesque Le Puy-en-Velay, near Lyon. A joy-filled jaunt through
the eccentricities of rural French living, it makes the perfect
companion to a Gallic adventure.

Image credit: Michelle Tucci


Vol. 17: Myths and Legends

Few UK destinations hold as many tantalising tales as Oxford. If
you’re joining aspirant folklorists exploring the city’s
butter-coloured stone streets, we suggest you take our Myths and
Legends issue with you. Inside, you’ll find Rosalind Jana’s
fantastical guide to the city’s much-storied spectres and spires.

An icy road in a vast Icelandic expanse
A black church against a blue sky and wheat field in Iceland


Vol. 13:

This boundary-pushing issue is perfect for those looking to step
beyond their comfort zone. We head into Europe’s dramatic outer
extremes, capering between volcanoes, crevasses and mighty mountain
peaks as we take in Iceland’s captivating expanses.

Image credit: Claudia Legge


Vol. 30: Health

No one does wellness quite like the Swiss. Plan your R&R in
the mountain air by dipping into our restorative Health issue,
which is packed with inspiration and ideas for finding a
personalised sense of wellness. Case in point? Raven Smith’s
laugh-out-loud feature on attending a burnout-tackling retreat in
Montreux, which will have you racing to book a high-peaks escape in

A tram in a Prague street, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Vol. 20: Homelands

As noted by our writer in the Czech Republic, Prague is a city
of colour: dappled parks, gold-clad statues, terracotta roofs and
buildings that come in a riot of candy colours. Slip a copy of our
Homelands issue into your cabin luggage before you set off, to
enjoy a history-infused romp through the city’s fabled streets.

Image credit: Susannah Baker-Smith


Vol. 9: Food and Drink

If you’re plotting a pilgrimage across Spain’s northern reaches,
we’re assuming it’s in search of gastronomic enlightenment. Keep
ahead of the crowds with a guide to San Sebastián’s pintxos-packed
old alleys – the city’s culinary secrets are revealed in our Food
and Drink issue.

An agricultural building in Transylvania, Romania
Sunflowers in a field in Transylvania, Romania


Vol. 24: Slow

Romania’s rocky gradients, verdant meadows and charming bordei
houses are fast finding a loyal fan following among in-the-know
European adventure-seekers. Gather your gear and get ready to
traverse the Transylvanian peaks with our Slow issue. Inside, India
Dowley experiences a cycling-induced epiphany amid the serenity of
the Carpathians.

Image credit: Mark Leaver


Vol. 5: Making Waves

A caper along the canals wouldn’t be complete without our Making
Waves issue tucked under your arm. Laying down the 101 on where to
stay, eat and shop, our fifth volume is your indispensable guide to
making the most of a visit to what is arguably Europe’s coolest

A boat at sea in Hydra, Greece
Shadows of swimmers in Hydra, Greece


Vol. 21: Islands

Hasten your transformation into a Grecian god or goddess while
hopping from the Cyclades to the Saronics by immersing yourself in
our Island issue. Inside, Dolly Alderton embarks on a musically
inspired pilgrimage to Hydra, discovering a Greek isle suspended in

Image credit: Arturo Bamboo

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