Five Affordable Guys' Holidays in Europe for 2019

There's a general consensus that a holiday with the lads is code for hardcore drinking, but we're not ones to generalise. Whether the rounds of pints that will be slurped over a weekend away has you in a sweat or you simply want to get the gang together on a budget that works for everyone, this sampling of affordable holidays is a good starting point.



Raise a glass of Guinness to a weekend of debauchery. Ease into things by catching a rugby match at the Aviva Stadium before heading back towards town for an evening of anything goes. You'll be forgiven for ending your night in Temple Bar (but only if its to grab a burger at Bunsen). Afterwards, ramble up Harcourt Street and try not to get dragged downstairs for a dance as you enter your hotel.




Once you've covered the cost of your visa, a trip to Moscow is surprisingly pocket-friendly. Gather the bratva (lads) and explore Moscow by way of a vaulted Moscow Metro station - making pitstops for a taster of the city's inventive foodscape and challenging contemporary art scene.

WHERE TO STAY: Chekoff Hotel Moscow



Those who like their holidays action-packed will be pleasantly surprised by petite Malta's large-scale offering of high-octane festivals and beautiful stretches of beach. Using Valletta as your base, choose from Isle of MTV - held here every year with general admission costing just £10 - or Annie Mac's Lost & Found festival which promises pool-parties and late-night DJs sets come May.

WHERE TO STAY: The Cumberland



Madrileños like to party, and heading straight from a late-night club to the office is pretty commonplace here. The only plan you'll need: head to Malasaña - the Williamsburg of Madrid. Once you've reached the avant-garde, rainbow-hued barrios, there's little reason to leave other than to crash at your hotel after a long day of pavement stomping.

WHERE TO STAY: Hotel Puerta América



It doesn't take much to coax visitors to the surfer-loved sands of the Cornish coast. With an almost subtropical microclimate, it's the place to spend afternoons taking in sea views while tucking into fabulously fresh seafood. A younger generation of Londoners are making a mass exodus from the city in favour of this coastal spot, so if funds are particularly pinched you'll likely know someone who's made the move and can put you up for the night.

WHERE TO STAY: St Ives Harbour Hotel & Spa