Photo Journal: Americana

Although I was born on the other side of Atlantic Ocean, my heritage was tinted by the power of American imagery. Immersed in commercials, movies and everything else that my life was at the time, I was drawn in by the various pieces of the puzzle which made up the American dream.

I realised everything had a visual appeal; it all seemed to be arranged in such an order that it was as if things were standing still for me, just waiting for a photograph to be taken.

So I started my largest project so far, Americana, for which I have spent time photographing and documenting both the differences and similarities between the American states. Far from an ubiquitous American road-trip diary, my work explores diverse American landscapes rather than the big city lights.

Reflecting my journey through each state, I explore textures, shapes and colours, digging deeper in the hope of lifting the veil on the mysteries of American culture. The recurrence and mirroring of themes in the series aim to set a rhythm in motion which follow my own scenic odyssey.

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