Anine Bing’s Favourite LA Haunts

Anine Bing’s Favourite LA Haunts

most designers start their own brand with a fashion degree
and years of experience under their belt, Anine Bing didn’t
need much more than her personal style and a confidence about what
a contemporary woman wants in her wardrobe. Her answer? Wearable,
timeless pieces that suit all body types. Blending
cool with Cali boho-chic and hint of je ne sais quoi,
Bing achieves this with looks that are casual but never

Always with the everyday woman in mind, the self-taught designer
and creative director of her eponymous label marries edginess with
femininity, showing us how to wear boots year-round and take the
laid-back look from day to night. Given that her CV also includes
model and singer, it’s no surprise that the entrepreneur’s
Instagram has become a source of inspiration for over 500k
followers looking to steal her style. Within five years, the
34-year-old’s line has taken the fashion world by storm, counting
Kate Bosworth and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley among her clients. It’s
easy to understand why – Bing’s signature constellation of simple
tees, sleek leather jackets and denim jeans make you look like
you’ve got it together.

Born in Denmark,
Bing spent her childhood in Sweden before living and working in

Los Angeles
and Johannesburg.
Following her first modelling stint at the age of 15, the world
soon fell for her style which she documented on her blog, Anine’s
World. With no signs of slowing down at her LA headquarters, we
couldn’t think of anyone better to give us insider tips on tinsel
town’s hottest spots.

Describe LA in three words.

Anything is possible.

Why did you choose it as your base?

Growing up in Scandinavian countries where the winters are
intense, you can’t beat the LA lifestyle; life is very easy. It’s
also an amazing place to start a business, and has a creative and
inclusive community. LA is its own little fashion capital and I’m
happy we launched our brand here. The city also has an aesthetic
I’m really drawn to – there’s nothing more classic than that breezy
Californian look with T-shirts and jeans. It’s so all-American and
very much my style.

How would you define the city’s style?

It’s casual, effortless and cool. There’s nothing better than an
LA girl with her vintage denim, white tee and free-spirited air.
She has something as special as the classic Parisian or

How does LA differ from Scandinavia?

In LA, people are so relaxed with their style. Our brand is a
mix of the two places because there’s that classic
palette of all black-and-white, very crisp,
polished and clean. LA has more grunge to it: the raw denim,
sneakers, studs and rock ‘n’ roll – like the city’s 90s music
scene. I also think that people in LA are a bit more free and open;
Scandinavian culture is more reserved. And then, of course, there’s
the weather…

What does a typical day look like for you?

It starts early for my husband and I as we need to get the
children up and ready for school. Luckily, I also have a few go-to
uniforms for myself – whatever we’ve launched recently mixed with
jeans, T-shirts, leather jackets and boots – and only need about
five minutes to do my make-up. I then make smoothies for the
children and drop them off at school. What happens after that
depends on the day, but it’s a mix of meetings at the office,
stopping by our West Third store and shoots on location at our
home. At the end of the day, I pick the children up and we spend
quality time together.

Tell us about some local young designers we should know.

I’m currently loving Clare Vivier. She’s a friend and such an inspiration –
I admire all of her branding.

What are you favourite trends right now?

I think metallics are having a moment which we’re all about. A
pop of shine and glitter is just so much fun.

Describe your brand in a few words.

Classic and effortless with an edge.

How is LA an inspiration for you as a designer and creative

LA is a magical place. It gets a bad reputation but it’s such a
happy, beautiful city. There’s so much history, glamour and
inspiration; beautiful architecture, palm trees everywhere,
mountains, people with great styles, or just the light. No matter
where I go, I feel inspired on a daily basis. The streets in
Downtown for example – where we work and shot our autumn campaign-
have such an intense energy. The photos we took there are my

Where are your favourite places to eat?

For breakfast I like the outdoor patio at Chateau
. Nothing can beat eating at home with my family at the
weekends though, making pancakes in our pyjamas. For lunch, we love
Alcove in
Los Feliz, or Joan’s on Third. We usually eat dinner at home but we
also like Pace
or Café Stella
in Silver Lake.

Where should we get coffee?

Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle are both great.

What about wine?

I love Covell in Los Feliz – it’s cute and charming.

And to shop?

The Rose Bowl Flea Market. I try to go every month.

What should we do while we’re town?

Hike Griffith Park to see the city from the observatory up
there. The
in Downtown LA is the perfect place to take out-of-town
visitors, while El Matador Beach in Malibu is another must.

What would people be surprised to find out about LA?

There’s a lot to discover in Downtown and the Arts District, but
most people who visit LA don’t make it to these parts of town.
They’re very creative and full of galleries, museums and
restaurants. Right now, the best place to visit is Hauser
& Wirth
. There’s a restaurant inside called Manuela that you should definitely visit.

Where can we escape the craziness of the city?

Santa Barbara
. We just did a camping trip there and it’s the
perfect getaway from the buzz.

Where would we find you on a day off?

At home, having a cup of coffee and lounging around our sunny
house spending time with the children. Or at one of the Korean spas
getting a massage and body scrub.

Which are your favourite travel destinations?

I’m biased but it has to Copenhagen,
though right now I’m loving my trips to New York.

What has to be in our SUITCASE for a trip to LA?

A pair of sneakers because LA has so many beautiful hikes,
especially within Griffith Park.

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