13 Brilliant Beach Reads for Summer 2022

Calling all hopeless romantics: we’ve found the hottest new books to add to your summer 2022 reading list. From heartbreak to marriage – and everything in between – read on for the perfect beachside lounging partners.

Everyone knows that when it comes to a beach holiday, unleashing your inner bookworm is a must. Whether you're the sort that belongs to a prestigious reading club or the type to grab whatever has the most scintillating cover from the airport newsagent, one thing we can all agree on is that an engrossing read is the secret to making a beach holiday that little bit more beautiful.

It's not often we blow our own trumpet, but on hunting down the next big love story? We're experts. Grab an ice-cold cocktail, settle down between overgrown palm trees and devour one of the ultimate page-turners from our round-up of 13 sizzling new releases.

Holiday romance: 13 page-turners to read this summer

Mika in Real Life

by Emiko Jean

Buckle up for an emotional rollercoaster ride. In the chaotic life of Mika Suzuki, it looked like things couldn't get much worse: another job lost, a relationship breakdown and plenty of judgement from her overly traditional mother. But things take a surprising turn when Mika receives a phone call from the now-16-year-old baby she reluctantly gave up for adoption as a teenager. A genuinely moving read.

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Love Marriage

by Monica Ali

Two cultures, two families, two people. This modern love story between doctors Yasmin Ghorami and Joe Sangster is interwoven with their families' long-held secrets, lies and betrayals. While the narrative starts off as a social comedy, things quickly spiral into a heart-breaking and gripping tale of two lovers desperately trying to understand one another, making this a bible for those struggling with family differences.

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Young Mungo

by Douglas Stuart

Douglas Stuart returns with another gripping tale, following the success of his extraordinary 2020 debut, the Booker Prize-winning Shuggie Brain. A vivid portrayal of working-class life, Young Mungo follows the dangerous and heart-wrenching first-love story of two young men: Mungo and James. Growing up in Glasgow, in two different housing estates, territorial battles for the sake of reputations are rife. We're pegging this as the modern-day Romeo and Juliet.

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Meant to Be Mine

by Hannah Orenstein

If you could find out the date you were destined to meet your soulmate, would you? We're still undecided. Cure your curiosity with Hannah Orenstein's love story Meant to Be Mine, in which Edie Meyer's grandmother, Gloria, has accurately predicted the date every single member of the family would find true love. Boarding an airplane, a handsome musician sits beside Edie, yet her fate turns out to be far from the smooth-sailing dream she'd hoped for. This is one of those books you won't want to physically be parted from.

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by Kirstin Chen

Binge-watched Netflix's Inventing Anna? You'll love this one. When college friends Ava and Winnie bump into one another at a coffee shop, a shady favour from mischievous Winnie turns into two, then three for innocent Ava. Finding herself in far deeper trouble than she'd ever imagined possible, Ava has to decide whether she'll risk living the fraudulent designer lifestyle or if she should cut and run.

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Just By Looking At Him

by Ryan O’Connell

You wouldn't be the first to assume that a TV writing career is full of glitz and glamour. In this hard-hitting novel, the glossy veneer is shattered, as protagonist Eliott, struggling to keep up appearances, finds himself drinking too much and feeling self-conscious about his cerebral palsy. It's only when he hires a sex worker, River, that he begins to feel heard and seen. A great pick for those exploring queerness and the search for identity.

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Funny You Should Ask

by Elissa Sussman

Roll on July, when Elissa Sussman's ultimate love story hits bookshops. As a young journalist, Chani makes her breakthrough when she smashes an interview with Hollywood heartthrob Gabe. It isn't until a decade later, however, when Gabe releases a sexy and engrossing novel, that Chani finally learns how he truly felt about her. One for those who became obsessed with Robinne Lee's bestseller The Idea of You.

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What Time is Love?

by Holly Wiliams

The whole "wrong person, right time" debate is one that has gone on for centuries, and continues to fascinate in What Time is Love?, Holly William's highly anticipated new novel. Violet and Albert keep crossing paths over and over again, whether it be beneath the centuries-old spires of Oxford or amid the sprawling hills of Abergavenny. Over the years, the two are forced to face their differences in class, gender, privilege and ambition. But one thing remains simple: their magnetic connection is undeniable.

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Anonymous Sex

by Hillary Jordan

In this red-hot anthology, 27 talented writers come together to unleash the wildest parts of their erotic imagination. Each story is written anonymously, adding to the sheer excitement. From teenage experimentation to sex in the afterlife and married couples pushing their boundaries, there's a sensual journey in this collection for everyone.

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Notes on Heartbreak

by Annie Lord

We've all found ourselves nursing a broken heart, struggling with the gamut of painful emotions - and if you haven't, good for you. In this raw and beautifully tender novel, a love story is thrown on its head, with the narrative going in reverse. Annie Lord, reeling from a broken heart, revisits the past, taking in rebound sex, social stalking of her ex and the savage reality of ghosting, resulting in a funny, messy, illuminating yarn.

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Book Lovers

by Emily Henry

Proof that opposites do attract, two rivals, Nora and Charlie, find themselves in a plot twist neither of them saw coming: they can't seem to escape one another. Charlie, an editor with a gift for creating bestsellers, and Nora, his work nemesis, better known as a cut-throat literary agent, seem to be falling head over heels… We'll leave it to you to discover the laugh-out-loud rest.

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Honey and Spice

by Bolu Babalola

Kiki Banjo is an expert in relationships. The host of a popular student radio show, she's made it her mission to ensure the women who make up the Afro-Caribbean society at Whitewell University don't fall into the trap of players and heartbreak. Then, suddenly, she finds herself falling for the very man she'd warned the girls to avoid. The ultimate read for those who find themselves questioning whether they should follow their heart over their head.

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Lessons in Chemistry

by Bonnie Garmus

You've probably heard the buzz about this 60s-set book, and now the time has come to read it. Chemist Elizabeth Zott is the face of a cooking show. It's when she starts chucking together all sorts of random ingredients that her following starts to grow, but not everyone is a fan of her challenging the status quo. Already read it? Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming TV series.

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