An Island Without Time: Boipea, Brazil

In January I travelled to Boipeba, a small island on the coast of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. After a crazy flight on one of those tiny (somewhat precarious) light aircraft, my girlfriend and I landed on a magical strip of tarmac, drenched in tropical sun and surrounded by coconut groves.

The silence of Boipeba is breathtaking, you feel it from the moment you arrive. An island of fisherman, coconut groves and kind-hearted locals offering a thousand smiles a day, the laughter of children and the slow rhythm of life seem to be in tandem with nature. So still, pure and clean, a place where donkeys and horses are used for transport. There are no cars, no noise to disturb your thoughts. And when darkness falls the island sleeps, the silence ever deeper. An earthly slice of paradise which belongs to those who live there - I long to return to dream in stillness again.

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