Boxed Kids: Accra, Ghana

Boxed Kids: Accra, Ghana

project “Boxed kids” deals with children who are trapped in
a place or situation that they can’t get out of for whatever
reason. This series documents how life in Jamestown, a small
fishing district in Ghana’s capital city of Accra,
is difficult for many young people. The inspiration came when I
helped my mother organise an event for underprivileged children
last summer. I noticed that many of them were creative but unable
to either recognise their talents or develop them due to poverty
and a lack of education. They are unable to pursue their dreams –
if they dare have any.

I did this project with Kuukua, my partner who is also an artist and a writer.
The original plan was to launch a campaign which helped them go to
school, but I didn’t have the means to do that. Instead, I decided
to take photographs of a few children, our city and the conditions
in which some people live, share them to the world through my
Instagram and hope that other platforms picked up on the
photographs, liked them and shared them. A few months later this
started to happen, so I decided to launch a gofundme page for some of the children I have go to
know, hoping that they will be able to get an education – and those

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