Cambodia Past and Present

Cambodia Past and Present

in the southern region of the Indochinese peninsula,
life in Cambodia is dictated by the rhythms of the Mekong River and
Tonle Sap, the world’s largest freshwater floodplain and the
beating heart of the “Kingdom of Wonder”. Despite being smaller
than its neighbouring countries, Cambodia’s unique
Indian-influenced Khmer culture – rooted in Buddhist tradition and
spirituality – has remained very much intact throughout its
magnificent past and darker period under the Khmer Rouge.

While many are drawn to Cambodia for the architectural legacy of
the Khmer Empire, the beauty of this small country extends far
beyond the ruins of Angkor Wat. From remote jungles in the
northeast and virgin white-sand islands of the south to the
colonial capital of Phnom Penh and relaxed village life in between,
Cambodia’s diverse landscapes, fascinating history and friendly
people make this changing place one of the most enigmatic countries
in South East Asia.

Cambodia is permeated by a subtle beauty hidden within quiet
moments of daily life, away from the main tourist attractions.
Uncover the charm and century-old superstitions of early morning
markets or embark on a sensorial culinary journey through the
slow-paced village life of the countryside. Delve into spiritual
practices of Buddhism with tangerine-robed monks and meet local
artists striving to keep ancestral handcrafting traditions

The vastness of Angkor allows for many ways to travel back in
time to the heyday of the Khmer Empire. But it’s most fascinating
to witness how life unfolds today, in the fleeting moments where
the past and present exist in perfect harmony.

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