The Carry On: April 2020

The Carry On: April 2020

Carry On is our monthly round-up of our favourite travel
items we’d happily haul from Stansted to Seville,
Heathrow to Hydra. Be it a
functional fedora or the latest in skincare science, we’ve probably
got it in our carry on. Riffing on the adage “if you can think it,
you can be it”, we’re saying: “If you can jam it in your carry on…
you can bring it.” Catchy.

Note: weight restrictions and other practicalities do not

Feel-good skincare, home-workout kit and the items we’re
packing in our suitcase

The Traveller In Pursuit necklace


An octet of charms strung around your neck to remind you of
travels past, Alighieri’s The Traveller In Pursuit necklace is
plated with 24ct gold and inspired by founder Rosh Mahtani’s love
of travel, with specific nods to both
. The luxe line-up includes a horseshoe, wishbone and a
ship wheel and makes for one of the chicest mementoes we’ve come

Buy now at Alighieri£950.00

An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces

Hooton Mini Press

Oh, to lark around and loiter about London. To whet your
lockdown appetite, we refer you to page 8 of An Opinionated Guide
to London Green Spaces where a beguiling pergola festooned with
clematis and wisteria sign posts the otherwise disguised entrance
to St John’s Lodge Garden in Regent’s Park. It’s sequestered
patches such as this that make this compact guide a must-have.
Spanning 50 locations, including Richmond Park, Kew Gardens (aka
the botanical HQ of the world) and the elegant Kensington Gardens
(alongside some more secluded swards), author Harry Adès’
opinionated guide maps out charming walking routes for locals and
day trippers alike.

Buy now at Hooton Mini Press£9.95

Weights, Bala Bangles

Classic 1lb.

Weighing one pound each, these wearable weights add extra
resistance to your workout when worn on your wrists or ankles. Cute
and functional, the bracelets come in a variety of fun colours –
we’re thinking matcha, maybe? – meaning those who’ve already
embraced the athleisure trend are likely to want to stock up on
multiple pairs (to complement their rainbow collection of
lululemon). They’re great for targeted, relatively slow exercises
and movements – we’ve even tried donning them while we type
deskside, though quickly concluded that making work more strenuous
right now was a foolish move.

Buy now at Classic 1lb.£40.00

Nike Yoga Luxe Women’s Hoodie


An exaggerated sleeve and an oversized design – what more could
one ask for in a hoodie? Elevated loungewear is great for
travelling, running errands or lounging around the house, and where
possible a coordinating ensemble is advised. This hoodie from Nike
is cut from butter-soft thermal fabric and has wide sleeves and
slits at the hem, making it a comfortable option to slide on after
your yoga or pilates live-stream session.

Buy now at Nike£64.95

Fabric Coat Hanger in Buti Blue

Molly Mahon

When you unpack, it’s good practice to arrange all your clothes
into categories (by colour gradation if possible; it’s what Cher
Horowitz would want). With your items segmented you can more
readily see what you’re working with. While a humble wooden hanger
will suffice, we recommend swapping them out for narrow,
soft-padded hangers to avoid stretching (especially on jersey or
silk). We’re stocking up on these classic coat hangers by Molly
Mahon. Made by hand in Scotland with hand block printed organic
cotton, the whimsical designs inject some personality into your
(temporary) closet.

Buy now at Molly Mahon£14.00

Mighty Patch acne patch

Hero Cosmetics

Has a pesky pimple reared its ugly white head? These
hydrocolloid acne stickers visibly extract impurities while
protecting blemishes for accelerated healing. To use, simply place
a patch directly over the blemish and leave on until the patch
turns opaque white. Change as needed – a minimum application time
of six hours is given as a guide. To speed up the healing process,
use one overnight and awaken blemish-free.

Buy now at Hero Cosmetics£13.00


Google Earth

Orbit the world in 3D for free. Download the Google Earth app,
roll the (virtual) dice and see where it takes you. For armchair
travel at its best, see the world from a new point of view with
Voyager, a collection of guided tours from the likes of BBC Earth
and Nasa which allow virtual travellers to immerse themselves in
new cultures and test their knowledge of the world. Better still,
if you have an Oculus Rift, you can explore the wonder of Google
Earth in VR. Stroll the streets of Tokyo,
soar over
or teleport across the globe, and all before your 10am
Zoom call.

Buy now at Google Earth£0.00

Caring Hand Cream


A non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula designed to combat the
effects of relentless hand washing, this product is an everyday
beauty hero. Created by paediatric nurse Antonia Philp and her
husband specifically for hardworking hands, it’s best used little
and often throughout the day to immediately soothe and hydrate –
it’s effectively TLC in a tube. What’s more, every time a tube is
purchased, Nursem gives a month’s supply of free hand cream to a
nurse or midwife.

Buy now at Nurse£9.99

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