The Carry On: October 2020

The Carry On: October 2020

From hiking boots to home facials and the best app for activism, here’s the Carry On items we’re hauling from Stansted to Seville, Heathrow to Hydra this month.

Carry On is our monthly round-up of our favourite travel
items we’d happily haul from Stansted to Seville, Heathrow to Hydra. Be it a functional
fedora or the latest in skincare science, we’ve probably got it in
our carry on. Riffing on the adage “if you can think it, you can be
it”, we’re saying: “If you can jam it in your carry on… you can
bring it.” Catchy. Note: weight restrictions and other
practicalities do not apply.

Hiking boots, home facials and the best app for activism.
Here’s what we’re coveting this month…

Women’s Mountain Light Cascade hiking boot


Have you read Wild by Cheryl Strayed? Or watched the movie? If
so, it’s likely you’ll have stumbled across Danner boots in your
post-Wild window of inspiration and avid Google searching. Whether
you’ve convinced yourself that you are going to start a new life by
hiking the 4,270km of the Pacific Crest Trail or fancy attempting
something closer to home, Danner’s Women’s Mountain Light Cascade
boot will see you through all terrains. Made in Portland, Oregon,
the boot features a rich, full-grain leather upper and a Vibram
Kletterlift outsole that provides shock absorption and guarantees
great traction and stability on both wet and dry surfaces. A
hikers’ brand, Danner offers recrafting services to extend the
lifespan of your boot – including part replacement, leather care
and restitching. Better yet, if you suspect your purchase isn’t up
to Danner’s unrelenting standards, there’s a 365-day warranty to

Buy now at Danner£298.00

Buckingham Knit Half Zip sweatshirt


Boarding a long-haul flight? Lounging at home? Flitting between
a yoga class and the supermarket? For all eventualities, Varley’s
Buckingham sweatshirt will keep you cosy and comfortable. Made from
soft piqué-knit fabric, the sweatshirt has a relaxed silhouette
with a drawstring at the hem and a half-zip neck – meaning the
styling options vary from zipped and cinched to a laxer look.
Varley’s headquarters are split between London and Los Angeles,
which makes a lot of sense when it comes to the collections’ blend
of cosmopolitan elegance and Californian cool. Made for
performance, but chic enough to wear post-practice, the Buckingham
pairs as well with vintage denims as with leggings. In short: we’re
never taking ours off.

Buy now at Varley£100.00

All-Natural Retinol Infused Eye Mask

KNC Beauty

Novel but not to be underestimated is how we’d sum up this
entry. Playfully shaped like shooting stars, KNC Beauty’s
all-natural eye masks are infused with retinol to improve skin
texture and stimulate blood flow. Loaded with plumping collagen and
reviving ingredients such as “hyaluronic acid, gold, liquorice root
extract, aloe and rosemary extract to help ensure refresh, hydrate,
smooth de-puff and brighten eyes”, they’re a must-add to your
self-care ritual. Pop on for 20 minutes and say farewell to puffy,
tired eyes.

Buy now at KNC Beauty£33.00

now-u App

This non-profit app launched in July 2020, inspired by acts of
kindness and solidarity seen in our communities during the Covid-19
lockdown. Now-u makes it easier for people to help support the
charities and social enterprises you believe in. Here’s how it
works. Now-u’s targeted monthly campaigns highlight a range of
social and environmental issues, both locally and around the world.
Users can join as many campaigns (ranging from anti-racism and BLM
to homelessness and mental health) as they like, and now-u will
provide them with simple, effective and impactful actions to
contribute to the causes that they care about. Whether you have
five minutes in the morning or want to dedicate more time to your
chosen cause, downloading this activist app is one positive action
you can take today.

Buy now at £0.00

The Facialift Sculpting Facial Massager

Sarah Chapman

A lot of people have been asking for at home facial-massage tips
and recommendations since Covid-19 forced us all to become
homebodies (for the most part). If you’ve ever enjoyed the sweet
relaxation imposed by a Skinesis expert’s massage technique (or
experienced that post-facial glow) then you’ll want to add The
Facialift Sculpting Facial Massager to your virtual shopping cart,
stat. Helping to lift muscles, drain toxins and reduce puffiness,
the Facialift massager consists of eight heads and 48 massaging
nodules which work to reshape, refine and tone the contours of your
face. Self-care Sunday starts here.

Buy now at Sarah Chapman£30.00

No Mo-Bush Bikini Wax Kit

No Mo-Stache

Great in a clinch, this kit was essentially created to help you
break-up with your waxist. Founded by fashion executive Gita
Vasseghi, No Mo-Bush aims to make hair removal as easy, ouchless
and mess-free as possible. These quick, pre-waxed strips can be
warmed with the heat of your hands and then used to help neaten
your bikini line (lip and brow waxing kits are also available,
FYI). It’s a great, quick-fix solution that takes the fear out of
at-home bikini waxing. You’ll feel smooth and soothed (thank you
complimentary Post-Wax Aloe Cream sachets) in no time.

Buy now at No Mo-Stache£9.00

Textured-Leather Airpods Case


Making a case for luxe Airpods cases everywhere, we’ve fallen
for this cheerful-meets-cheeky rendition by Prada. Cherry red,
crossbody strap, dinky dimensions… wearers will be hard pressed to
find fault with the textured-leather caddy. Wear on its own or slip
inside a larger tote (no chance of losing this chap, thanks to its’
fire-engine red facade). It fastens with an easy snap, so you’ll
have peace of mind that your babies (aka your headphones, yes) are
tucked away safely. A wholly unnecessary but joy-inducing variant
to the run of mill offering from Apple.

Buy now at Prada£315.00

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