The Carry On: September 2021

The Carry On: September 2021

Chic safari-style jackets, supercharged eye serums and custom-made bikinis: these are the buys to seek out this September

Carry On is our monthly round-up of those joy-giving travel
items we’d happily haul from Stansted to Seville,
Heathrow to Hydra. Be it a
functional fedora or the latest in skincare science, we’ve probably
got it in our carry-on. Riffing on the adage “if you can think it,
you can be it”, we’re saying, “if you can jam it in your carry-on,
you can bring it.” Catchy.

Note: weight restrictions and other practicalities do not

Lucent Hoop Earrings in Green


This is exactly what we wanted from Giovanna Engelbert in her
first year as Swarovski’s Global Creative Director – out with the
twee crystal swans and in with the edgier upgrade. A
wallet-friendly(ish) alternative to influencer-favourite EÉRA’s ear
candy, these chunky geometric hoops will elevate a
white-tee-and-jeans kind of day, or steal the show when you’re
having a monochrome moment. We’ve gone for Bottega-inspired green –
jewel-like yellow, blue and pink are also available – because,
well, spring green is the new black, isn’t it?

Buy now at Swarovski £280.00

Swim Shorts


These unisex and wear-anywhere swim shorts made from Econyl – a
regenerated nylon fibre comprised of salvaged ocean and landfill
waste – are the swimwear to snap up this season. Consciously
constructed in Portugal and available in a quartet of Fruit
Pastille shades, ours will be paired with a simple white tee and
stacks of gold jewellery, before we let our partners borrow them
for, well, a midnight dip. Sharing’s caring, after all.

Buy now at CDLP£140.00

Essential Cargo Jacket

Banana Republic

We’ll let you in on a style secret: we’ve recently rediscovered
Banana Republic’s staples inspired by their heritage and origins
and, in short, we’re obsessed. Mixing classic design with creative
expression, the label’s “The New Look” collection pairs utility
with safari chic, making it ideal for big-game adventures, real or
imaginary. The perfect in-flight (or commuter) companion, this
washed-cotton, designed-for-layering jacket is semi-fitted (read:
hyper-flattering) and sports handy pockets that will prevent you
from misplacing your (delete as appropriate) purse/keys/phone.
Fashionable and functional? “Add to cart”.

Buy now at Banana Republic £108.00

Super Eye Serum, 30ML

Verso Skincare

Ever felt personally victimised by your circadian rhythm? This
superhero eye serum might not be able to fix your sleep schedule,
but it’ll sure mask the late night-/deadline
stress-/over-exhaustion-induced dark circles. Its power lies in the
revitalising hero ingredient, Verso’s patented Retinol 8. Slather
around the eyes to reduce fine lines, banish bags and pep up tired

Buy now at Verso Skincare £69.00

Bright Days CBD Capsules


Finally, a CBD product that doesn’t claim to save the world but
does do exactly what it says on the tin: helps us calm the f*ck
down. Triple lab-tested to ensure quality results, this one-a-day
capsule is loaded with premium CBD and a bundle of nutrients –
think vitamin D3, vitamin C, zinc and elderberry. Charged with
boosting your immune system, aiding sleep and genuinely improving
wellbeing, these have fast become our go-to for easy, breezy,
stress-free pre-, mid- and post-trip jaunts. Oh, and they’re vegan,

Buy now at Cannaray£36.00

Organic Varsity Sweater Jacket

Banana Republic

Taking you from (airport) runway to Roman café, weekend
staycation with friends to autumn city break à deux, this
borrow-from-your-beau varsity jacket will quickly become your go-to
wardrobe and suitcase essential. Intricate style details such as
the delicate Milano stitch give the bomber-style beauty a laid-back
structure, while the strokable, planet-friendly organic cotton and
tailored drape add a luxurious feel, proving that Banana Republic
has upped its game and provided a covetable collection of well-made
staples. Other half continuously stealing your hoodies? Watch out;
they’ll have their eye on this next.

Buy now at Banana Republic£122.00

Two-Piece Bikini

By A Swimwear

Throw that tattered black cozzie where it belongs – in the bin –
and invest in the latest cult swimwear brand to grace our
carry-ons. Made-to-order, sustainable and constructed from recycled
ocean plastic, the Skittles-coloured bottoms and zany, checkerboard
tops are designed to be mixed and matched. Our pick? The
flower-power tile print, which is reminiscent of days spent lazing
around mid-century crash pads in Palm Springs.

Buy now at By A Swimwear£40.00

Toffee Tan Leopard Co-Ord


As ideal for airport attire as it is for beach-club blow-outs,
this laid-back cotton twill co-ord can simply be thrown on with
your go-to gladiator sandals and trusted raffia beach bag for a
chic, ready-in-five ensemble. Back on home soil, we’re pairing the
Donyale shirt with a pair of bootcut Margiela jeans and our
on-the-wish-list Chanel clogs for A/W 1970s vibe.

Buy now at Sundays£85.00

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