Chewton Glen, Hampshire, UK

Chewton Glen, Hampshire, UK

A country house hotel on the edge of the New Forest. Treehouse suites, a world-class spa and top-notch restaurants make this the perfect spot for a friends-and-family getaway or a romantic weekend escape from London, just an hour’s drive away.

horses prance playfully on the side of the road as we
approach Chewton Glen through the fabled thicket of the New Forest
National Park.

Set in 130 acres, this 18th-century family-friendly
country-house hotel just an hour from London has no doubt seen
plenty of fairy-tale endings as a favourite for weddings and
milestone celebrations. Grandiose yet not intimidating, its floral
wallpaper, soft carpets, sinkable sofas, roaring fires and spacious
bathrooms mean grandparents will be just as content as children in
this home away from home.

We’ve earmarked Chewton Glen as the perfect place for a multi-generational
for families looking to reunite post-lockdown.
Beautiful grounds, a behemothic swimming pool and top-notch
culinary offering will keep everyone entertained, and make it just
as appealing to couples looking for a
romantic getaway
not too far from the capital.


Quintessentially English, 58 comfortable bedrooms in the main
house see traditional wooden furniture meet contemporary
iPad-controlled amenities. Larger duplex suites have sprawling,
homely sitting rooms and pretty outside terraces for a pre-dinner
G&T. Perfect for summer months, 14 ultra-modern treehouse
suites complete with wood-burning stoves are the stuff of childhood
dreams but with a sophisticated twist. Hampers delivered on

What’s for breakfast?

Pretty much anything you like. You’re on holiday though, so
you’ll be having a lie-in, going full English and ordering it to
your bed.

How about lunch and dinner?

For lunch, head to The Kitchen, located on the edge of the
estate, for an open-plan, casual affair of seasonal plates such as
oysters or asparagus, alongside pizza, burgers and salads. This is
also where you’ll find the cooking school.

Come dinner, The Dining Room is where you want to be. A
five-room set-up – including a Wine Room, Garden Room and Summer
House – suits every season and occasion. Expect spruced-up
traditional menus of locally sourced produce (much of it hasn’t
travelled further than 100m from the kitchen garden): souffle,
lobster curry, fillet steak, roast duck. A well-curated wine list
won’t disappoint.

Is there a bar?

Absolutely. In the main house, the snug, moodily lit bar has a
killer cocktail list – feel free to order from any of the many
sitting rooms too. In warmer weather, head out onto the terrace for
a very English-feeling aperitif.


In our eyes, the biggest draw here is the sprawling
state-of-the-art spa. On top of that, you’ll find a cooking school,
golf course, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor
swimming pool and croquet lawn. Activities include walking and
jogging trails, mountain biking, shooting, archery, falconry and
duck herding (yes, really).

Things you should know

This is a hotel that will suit all ages. If you’re looking for a
trendy, six-room bolthole, it probably isn’t for you.

Within a short walk, you can find…

Follow the woodland trail from the hotel, past treehouse suites
and a tinkling stream down to the beautiful sandy stretch of
Highcliffe Beach. In wetter months wear proper footwear as it can
get a bit muddy. Maps at reception.

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