The Ultimate (SUITCASE-Approved) Christmas Gift Guide 2021

From travel-savvy gifts to edible treats and cult classic stocking-fillers, these are the presents making our wish list this Christmas.

So, you've picked up the turkey, decorated the tree and bookmarked that cranberry sauce recipe you've had your mouth wrapped around making all year. You're ahead of the game! But for that pesky presents list you keep shoving to the edge of your desk.

We get it. You're out of ideas and out of time, and you need some gift inspiration - fast. Enter our ultimate Christmas gift guide, replete with cashmere classics, elegant timepieces and pocket-sized presents that'll be sure to fill all stockings with glee.

SUITCASE curates: our ultimate collection of last-minute gifts

Lazy Days Travel Backgammon Indigo

Noble Macmillan

For the train journeys, long hauls, picnics, and park hangs in your future, keep this handy backgammon set in your back pocket. Easy to roll, with dainty dice, coin-sized chips and savvy, durable design, consider this game the perfect present for your pals on-the-go.

Buy now at Noble Macmillan£199.00

Cooks Corner Gift Box


Sometimes the best presents are the ones that don't last. A nifty box brimming with tasty treats and condiments to amp up the toasties, roasties, and hot toddies we all indulge on throughout winter is sweet nectar to any keen cook.

Buy now at Fodabox£199.00

Food for Friends Recipe Journal

Skye McAlpine X Papier

Skye McAlpine's brand of culinary dolce vita is thoroughly intoxicating. Her latest collaboration with Papier brings the artisanal marbleized paper beloved by Venetians to the mainstream in this gorgeous recipe journal just waiting for pen and ink.

Buy now at Skye McAlpine X Papier£25.00

Amboy Sunglasses

Serengeti Eyewear

We cannot get enough of the contemporary designs and insanely sophisticated lenses at Serengeti Eyewear. The lenses on these particular honey-yellow shades are made from a unique technology which reacts to the UV radiation present in the atmosphere, providing your peepers with just the exact amount of light needed. Yes, really.

Buy now at Serengeti Eyewear £395.00

The Collector's Bundle


The gift of travel doesn't always have to be literal, but it can be literary. At a time when print journalism is more precious than ever, give the gift of armchair travel with our Collector's Bundle - the entire SUITCASE back catalogue - featuring stories from lesser-trodden shores and itineraries that'll have you dreaming of paths unexplored.

Buy now at SUITCASE£130.00

Carnelian Twist Candlestick Holder

Stone and Mason

Dress up bare mantlepieces and sad windowsills with this terrifically twisty, glass candlestick holder. (Hint: embrace versatility and try it as a vase for solo stems.) The undulating shape and sunny carnelian shade is guaranteed to add pizzazz to any home space needing a pick me up. Better yet, its small size leaves plenty of room in your suitcase.

Buy now at Stone and Mason£30.00

Luggage Tag


Lost luggage? Frantically scribbling your name on too-small tags with a leaky pen? Squinting for your black bag in a sea of black bags? We've all been there. Jazz up your luggage with this ultra-luxe calfskin tag, or go the extra mile and have it monogrammed for that fast-moving pal who feels impossible to buy for.

Buy now at Aviteur£175.00

Tag Heuer Aquarecer Professional 300

Tag Heuer

A good watch makes for an iconic gift, and few timepieces are quite as iconic as a Tag Heuer Aquaracer. The professional dive watch's elegant emerald dial is timeless, while its pressure-proof case guarantees it will stand the test of time.

Buy now at Tag Heuer£2,500.00

Juste un Clou Ring


Few brands marry modern design with heritage undertones like Cartier. On closer inspection, this exquisitely elegant ring is shaped like a bent, twisted nail. It's a perfect example of the off-beat, elevated complexity Cartier excel at-we'll take one for every finger, please!

Buy now at Cartier£1,040.00

Kasbah Moonlight Overnight Recovery Mask


Is there any feeling more comforting or indulgent than slathering a profoundly hydrating, antioxidant-rich mask over stressed-out skin? Bottling up the best of nature's healing botanicals, whind's overnight recovery mask is going straight to the top of our stocking list for its naturally-derived ingredients and super-effective results.

Buy now at whind£65.00

Urban Gift Card


To give a gift rooted in wellness is the height of self-care, and its even more luxurious when the lucky receiver doesn't need to leave the comfort of their own home. Urban's terrific therapists perform top-notch massages, facials, nail treatments, and more, all from the cosy comfort of your own living room. Heaven.

Buy now at Urban £10.00

Personalised Bat and Ball

Not Another Bill

We might be in the depths of winter, but we're manifesting hard that hot days on the beach are in our near future. This chic bat and ball set is a winner for the summer-loving, games enthusiasts in your life. Plus, you can go the extra mile and even get these beautiful bats engraved.

Buy now at Not Another Bill £125.00

Otter Cashmere Bed Socks

Pairs Scotland

To slip tired feet into seriously soft Scottish cashmere socks is a luxury worth skipping plans for. This homegrown brand's mill produces cashmere utterly devoid of unnecessary chemicals, and each pair is crafted from start to smooth finish by master craftsmen. Worth the splurge? Absolutely.

Buy now at Pairs Scotland£36.00

Dalston Laptop Bag in Desert tan

BEEN London

Made entirely from recyced materials, this ultra-sleek laptop case may just be the most attractive guilt-free bag we've ever laid eyes on. With a slim design and dense felt padding to keep all tech thoroughly protected, this is the ideal gift for treating that on-the-go, workaholic friend in your life.

Buy now at BEEN London £95.00
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