The Coast is Clear: Off-Season by the Baltic Sea, Poland

The Coast is Clear: Off-Season by the Baltic Sea, Poland

Baltic seaside isn’t your typical
off-season travel
destination. It’s moody, foggy, a bit gloomy
and has an astonishingly deserted feel – and that’s exactly why
it’s stolen our hearts.

In the
, people escape Poland’s greyish, cramped cities to catch
some rays on these shores. Come
, winter
and early
, these Baltic stretches are almost peopleless, each
transformed into endless miles of empty, strikingly beautiful

We live just a few hours away from the beach, so every time we
tire of the city, we get into the car without hesitation and drive
to one of the many little towns spread along the coast.

Walking only in the company of seagulls and the soothing sound
of waves is an incomparable feeling. It’s at once surprising,
disturbing and exhilarating to not meet another human soul. No
matter how many times we visit, we’re overwhelmed by the sense of
space and freedom that the sea brings.

Peak season is undoubtedly beautiful; we love walking barefoot
on the warm sand, allowing the waves to tickle our feed. Yet to
wait half a year for this space to ourselves is always, always
worth it.

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