Colours of Cambodia

Colours of Cambodia

in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, a rush of
colour immediately flashes before your eyes. Whole families balance
steadily on motorcycles, weaving through the traffic. Monks wander
past, their vibrant orange clothes illuminated in the strong summer
sun, while another claims a moment of tranquillity on the bank of
the Mekong River.

Moving to the north of the country, we reach Cambodia’s most
popular tourist destination, Siam Reap. People huddle around a
still lake as the deep-blue sky begins to pale and the looming
figure of Angkor Wat is revealed. As the sun rises, the extent of
these ruins can truly be seen, set within a forest, tree trunks
entangled with their stone bricks.

Not far from Angkor Wat lies Southeast Asia’s largest Lake,
Tonlé Sap. Its waters are populated with life; multicoloured
villages standing on stilts poke out of the water housing schools,
homes and crocodile houses.

Drifting along the country’s bumpy roads to its southern edge,
we reach the tranquil town of Kep. Sitting on the coastline, water
is a fundamental part of life here. From the seafood market,
farmers can be seen dragging in cages of freshly caught crab. As
the day draws to a close, the sea and sky simultaneously turn a
luminescent pink, and the silhouettes of children playing stand in
dark contrast to the horizon.


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