#CookForUkraine: How to Help the People of Ukraine

#CookForUkraine: How to Help the People of Ukraine

SUITCASE is supporting #CookForUkraine to raise vital funds, distributed via Unicef, for the communities affected by the ongoing invasion. Here’s how you can help by heading into your kitchen…

Thursday 24 February, Russia invaded Ukraine. The ensuing
conflict has escalated, putting millions of children and their
families in grave danger. Even before the war officially began,
more than half a million children in Ukraine had already been
affected by the eight-year conflict in the country’s east. Now, as
many as 7.5 million children could be left without access to
essential services. With the destruction worsening and casualties
mounting, many of us feel appalled and horrified, and are looking
for ways in which we can help those in desperate need.

The good news is that we’ve found something we can do to aid
struggling communities – and are inviting you to help us out.
SUITCASE is supporting #CookForUkraine, a campaign started by our
friends in the hospitality sector, whose aim is to raise
much-needed funds for children and families displaced by the

Founded by the same team behind #CookForSyria, the campaign is
raising funds for
Unicef UK’s Ukraine
appeal and providing a platform on which
Ukrainian families and their supporters can share recipes and
stories, celebrating the country’s rich, complex and diverse
culinary heritage.

The team – which raised over £1million for Unicef under the
#CookForSyria banner – has partnered with food influencer
Clerkenwell Boy
and chefs Alissa Timoshkina and Olia Hercules
and Unicef Next Gen’s Layla Yarjani to gather recipes and stories
to inspire your cooking. With the help of volunteers, the group
will also be organising fundraisers, supper clubs and bake sales in
the coming weeks, with any profits going straight to Unicef.

How can I get involved?

We’re asking you, as a SUITCASE reader, to join the movement and
host your own charitable #CookForUkraine supper club or bake sale
in support of the fund. You can also donate directly through this

We’d also love for you to share your pictures, recipes and
stories on social media by adding the #CookForUkraine hashtag to
connect with the community. Take inspiration from the beautiful
images of Ukrainian culture and cuisine here, and get cooking. Food
brings us together – let’s put our kitchens to good use today.

Donate now
to #CookForUkraine

All images reproduced with the kind permission of Olia
Hercules, Alissa Timoshkina, Zuza Zak, Joe Woodhouse and