Five of the Coolest Hotels in South Pigalle, Paris

Somewhere between the Pigalle and Opéra metro stations, you'll find this designer enclave. In recent years it's become a magnet for design mavens, so much so that it's adopted the pithy moniker SoPi - that's South Pigalle, by the way. It's a postcode with understated panache, staggered with boutique boltholes which don't shout, but whisper, their stylish credentials.

Five of SoPi's most swoon-worthy hotels

Hotel Panache

Taking up residence across two 19th-century buildings, Hotel Panache has a somewhat peculiar floor plan. Rather than attempt to conform, the hotel's nooks and crannies are elevated with bold wallpapers, retro carpets and gold finishes.

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Grand Pigalle

A bed, board and booze depot in South Pigalle, the Grand Pigalle isn't the place to expect any extras. There's no gym, no spa and no room in the lift. Certain things take priority - namely good food, large bathrooms and a sizeable bed (even if the bedroom it's housed in edges toward petite).

Maison Souquet

Sensuality oozes at Maison Souquet - unsurprisingly, given that the hotel was a pleasure house during the belle époque. From its unannounced entranceway to the Jacques Garcia interiors, Maison Souquet's spirit is fervent as ever.

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Le Pigalle

Le Pigalle is no wallflower. In the basement and elevators, red high-gloss painted walls are offset with leopard-print carpet while the bedrooms at this pied-à-terre are decorated with second-hand furniture and found objects.

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Hotel Amour

The inaugural hotel collab of restaurateur Emmanuel Delavenne, hotelier Thierry Costes and graffiti artist André Saraiva, Hotel Amour plays the part of the older sister to Grand Amour (the trio's most recent hotel project). Set in a former brothel, its trendy bistro and bar with a large outdoor terrace is the place to be seen at this chic, but petite, auberge.

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