The SUITCASE Coronavirus Cheat Sheet

We've put together a coronavirus cheat sheet, detailing all of the contacts and outlets that will best help you to navigate the murky waters of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We get it. Self-isolation is the pits and it's not helped by the constant dribble of sensationalist Instagram videos and fearmongering opinion pieces that are circulating through the digital ether. In response, we've decided to put together a crib sheet, with all of the contacts and outlets you need to best navigate the murky, infected waters of the C-word. Our aim is to make this the most comprehensive set of contacts going, which is why we want your help. If you notice anything remiss or you think there's something we should know about, reach out by email:

[email protected]

. We'll add relevant suggestions and keep this page updated as the situation unfolds. We know it's a pretty tight edit at the moment, but together we can make something really useful. Thanks for being on board.

Worlwide Resources

World Health Organization (WHO)

The first and last word in global coronavirus advice - including when and how to use masks, and a very sensible page dedicated to busting coronavirus myths.

Washington Post

Its coverage is focused on the US, but the Washington Post's science reporting and infographics on the virus's spread are useful no matter where you are.

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

The IATA's Coronavirus Outbreak document outlines the travel restrictions in place across the world and is updated every day.

National Geographic

Sensible features and well-researched scientific assessments of the situation.


If you made your reservation on or before 14 March, you should be able to cancel without incurring any costs, though do check its website for live updates.


The NHS website

A comprehensive (if brief), government-approved outline of coronavirus symptoms and what you should do if you suspect you might have contracted it - this quiz, primarily.


Guidance on what you should do if you contract the virus, how you can avoid spreading germs and the number of confirmed cases in the UK at present.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Government-issued guidance for British people travelling and living overseas.


The White House's official line on coronavirus, including a breakdown of what government agencies are doing to prevent the spread and the travel restrictions currently in place.

US Chamber of Commerce

What businesses in the US should be doing to combat the spread.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The leading national public health institute in the US and a federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services. Its guide on how to prepare your home for COVID-19 is particularly helpful.

NYC Health

Official government advice on how New Yorkers should be tackling coronavirus; including when to self-isolate and how many cases have been confirmed in the city.

Popular Airlines

If your travel plans have been disrupted, you may find it helpful to check out these popular airlines' policies.

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