Silver Lining: Costa de Prata, Portugal

Silver Lining: Costa de Prata, Portugal

Leaving Iceland’s dark winter behind in favour of a slice of Mediterranean sunshine took one photographer on a tour of Portugal’s glittering Silver Coast.

Costa de Prata – the Silver Coast – stretches more
than 100kms between
and Lisbon.
Why “silver”? It gets its name from the sparkling rays that dance
on the Atlantic.

The rugged coastline is characterised by stunning beaches and
historical villages, Unesco heritage sites and sprawling vineyards,
all of which beckon visitors to segue into the relaxed Portuguese
way of life.

Last November,
after months spent in cold, dark
, I needed a fix of Mediterranean sunshine. I spent a
few days tracing the coast by car, stopping in fishing villages
along the way. In the medieval walled town of Óbidos, I navigated
cobbled streets and alleyways.

At the surfer’s paradise of Nazaré, a thick stretch of sand ran
from the cliffs to the coast and into the distance. My walk along
the beach was serenaded by waves booming and crashing to the shore.
I adored the light here – as do many photographers and creatives.
After capturing some shots, I immersed myself in the local
community, pairing good Portuguese wine with salty fresh

Portugal has some of the most beautiful villages in all of
Europe, sun-drenched pockets of heritage, culture and spectacular
landscapes – and the Silver Coast is where you’ll find them in
abundance. It’s so easy to fall in love with this beautiful

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