Our Cover Girl: Wayne Booth

Our Cover Girl: Wayne Booth

We caught up with our cover girl from The Good Life: SUITCASE Volume
to talk fashion and her favourite things… Check out the


Wayne Booth


Afro Jamaican



Shoot location

Munnar in Kerala, India

Where do you call home?


Where is the most exciting place you’ve travelled for your


Who is your favourite designer right now?

Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren

Who do you look up to?

My parents and God

What do you do when you’re not modelling?

Spend time with family and friends or chill on the beach with a

What was the high point of the shoot?

When we went on the boat in Alleppey so we could shoot on the
rocks as well as on the beach. That was awesome.

Low point of the shoot?

I had an allergic reaction and both my eyes was swelled up –

What did you love about the people in Kerala?

I love their culture – they were very friendly and kind, as well
as hardworking.

The best meal you had while on location?

Chicken tikka, naan, chicken biryani and dhokla

What did you pack in your suitcase?

Summer dresses and my favourite sunglasses, as well as
all-important moisturiser and my trusty backpack.

The look from the shoot you wanted to take home?

There was this beautiful Barbara Casasola dress that I wore
while on the boat in Alleppey, I really loved that dress.

What memory of Kerala will stick with you the most?

When we were shooting on public transport while everyone still
on the bus, smiling and laughing – they were so friendly and happy
to have us there. Also, when I went to this beautiful family home
and shot with the family members and a cow(!) That moment was
completely breathtaking, to be welcomed into their home and
immersed in their family life.

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