Creative Burnout? Reignite Your Spark with the Founders of Birch and The Coven

Creative Burnout? Reignite Your Spark with the Founders of Birch and The Coven

In the first of our trio of winter specials, we’re discussing the B-word – and no, we don’t mean Boris or Brexit. We’re talking about burnout, a word that strikes fear into the hearts (read: invoices) of freelancers and creatives across the globe. We’re joined by Chris Penn, the co-founder of Birch – the UK’s hottest hotel opening of 2020 – and The Coven founder Sapphire Bates who share their tips for working from home, defining work-life boundaries and beating burnout.

Suffering from creative burnout? We’ve found the cure.

a time where burnout is all too common and creativity
can be hard to muster, we’re helping you reignite your spark.
Banishing the B-word for good, we’re dialling in with two
powerhouse creatives who share their tips, tricks and secrets to
reigniting that creative spark.

We catch up with Chris Penn, co-founder of Birch, this
year’s hottest “anti-hotel” opening that is changing the
conversation around creative retreats. With extra curricular
activities such as candle making (with our pals Earl of East),
meditation and food from chef Robin Gill, Birch has an ethos that
centres around your pursuit of happiness and shaking off city
excesses. There’s nobody from which we’d rather seek advice.

We’re also joined by The Coven founder Sapphire Bates whose online
membership club has helped thousands of female freelancers,
creatives and independent business owners thrive. Here, Sapphire
reveals her secrets to managing stress, how to turn your home into
a work-free sanctuary and what books we should read to relax.

The two reveal their tips for banishing burnout, setting
boundaries and achieving a better work-life balance. After the year
we’ve had, we need it.

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