Genie in a Bottle: The Cult Beauty Brand Elevating Daily Routines into Joyous Rituals

Genie in a Bottle: The Cult Beauty Brand Elevating Daily Routines into Joyous Rituals

From a silky whipped mask that leaves toxins in the dust, to a get-your-glow-on face oil we’re convinced was blended by the gods, whind, the Moroccan-inspired beauty brand pioneering potent but sensorial skincare, has your new hero product in the (carry-on) bag.

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was a frustration with joyless, clinical skincare products
that sparked Hind Sebti’s decision to create her own beauty brand.
After a 20-year career in the industry, Moroccan-born Hind came to
the conclusion that science-led skincare solutions had been
favoured at the expense of joy and ritual: beauty had become “all
head and no heart”.

Making it her mission to bring some soul back to skincare, Hind
drew from the self-care culture of her native Morocco, creating a
sensual, cruelty-free line of beauty products that not only elevate
daily beauty routines to soulful rituals, but produce skin-saving,
revolutionary results. whind was born.

Too good to be true? Don’t just take our word for it. From
luxurious masks to a bewitching face oil that kisses like the
sunshine, we’ve handpicked our favourites so you can try them out
for yourself. You’re welcome.

Transport yourself to sunnier climes with these sensual,
Moroccan-inspired beauty must-haves from whind.

Marrakech Light Illuminating Magic Oil


Small enough to pop into your hand luggage for an instant
on-the-go glow, this pocket-sized powerhouse boasts nine
antioxidant-rich sun oils that leave our skin feeling as
sun-glossed as an expertly crafted cocktail on a riad rooftop.
Unlike most other face oils, its super-fast-absorbing texture means
that you won’t need to linger before applying makeup – simply apply
a few drops onto cleansed skin, whip on your makeup and go.

Buy now at whind£69.00

Kasbah Moonlight Transforming Cream to Oil Nightly Mask


Massage on this regenerative, fast-absorbing overnight treatment
before bed and you’ll be rewarded with hydrated, renewed,
plumped-up skin by morning. Designed to mirror the skin’s sleep
regenerative cycle, the clever formula’s potent blend of botanical
oils, argan oil and vitamin E transforms from a silky-smooth cream
into a nourishing oil when massaged in. Oh, and its sensual scent
of iris and orange blossom is sure to whisk you straight to starry
desert nights and into dreamy slumber, too.

Buy now at whind£65.00

Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser


If you’ve been searching high and low (like us) for a powerful
cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin or leave any residue, then
you’ve hit the jackpot. With a delicious all-star mix of vitamin C,
niacinamide, glyercin (for nourishment) and natural sugar-based
surfactants, this pH-balanced jelly melts into a milk to lift
impurities and unclog pores, elevating your cleansing routine to a
sensual and refreshing ritual you’ll actually look forward to each
morning. No dryness, no tightness, no residue.

Buy now at whind£32.00

Atlas Pure Purifying Whipped Mask


A skin-detox mask that doesn’t crackle or dry out our skin? Yes,
please! Formulated with a blend of clays and salicylic acid, this
soothing and nourishing mask promises purification with a
difference – watch in delight as your pores are detoxified and
cleansed within 10 minutes, revealing radiantly clear skin with a
luminous-matte glow.

Buy now at whind£40.00

Sahara Silk Vanishing Cream Exfoliator


Say goodbye to dull, lockdown-deadened skin with this creamy
exfoliating mask that ever so gently buffs away dead skin cells,
leaving you with a bright and dewy “wide awake” complexion. Powered
by whind’s uniquely nourishing triple-action complex of pomegranate
enzymes, rhassoul clay and rice bran, this groundbreaking formula
promotes cell renewal just as effectively as glycolic acid, while
deeply nourishing your skin for a smooth, desert-lit glow.

Buy now at whind£55.00

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