Life on Earth: A Retrospective of Photography Disruptor David Yarrow

I have always wanted to take photographs that grab and hold the attention of others. There is an insecurity in many artists that obsesses with the boundaries of what is worthy of public exposure. I acutely relate to this insecurity, and what many might consider paranoia of the mundane is perhaps my most defining characteristic. It is not the healthiest of dispositions, but it certainly makes for a good personal edit.

A camera is simply a conduit to our souls and minds, and I obsess far more about what is in front of the camera than the mechanics inside it. It is, after all, just a piece of metal.

I am not a wildlife photographer; I am simply a photographer. I may not accept wedding assignments and I have no appetite for documenting flower or food arrangements, but I am subject agnostic with just one caveat: the subject must interest or challenge me. Sustainability and conservation have never been more urgent, so I have been drawn to these subjects. I want my work to showcase the breadth and magnificence of life on our planet by taking readers on an evocative and immersive journey that is distinctive. From the inception of this project, I knew this was a lofty goal, but why aim low?

"David Yarrow by David Yarrow" is a photographic monograph documenting the world-renowned, fine-art photographer David Yarrow's career and features 150 of his most famous and iconic works.

David Yarrow by David Yarrow is available for pre-order now.

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