Dead Sea, Jordan

Dead Sea, Jordan


The Dead Sea, Jordan.

Why now

The Dead Sea makes for a very interesting alternative beach break. This landlocked salt lake is the
lowest point on Earth and the dry climate means that the sea is
slowly evaporating, making it incredibly salty – so salty in fact
that nothing can live in it. Apart from making you feel light as a
feather (the buoyant force is so powerful that you’ll have a hard
time even putting your feet down) the water also heals skin and rheumatic problems. Also while
it’s a popular destination with locals, there aren’t hordes of
tourists, so there’s plenty of space for you to enjoy yourself. The
hotels aren’t quite up to scratch yet, but the scenery and
experience will more than make up for it. Also, don’t splash –
getting such salty water in any orifices is not a pleasant
experience for anyone.

When to go

Any time, the temperature is pretty consistent but around
April it’s just perfect.

Who to take with you

Partner, family or friends.

Most likely to bump into…

Jordanians from Amman looking to relax.

Don’t miss

Bathing in the sea and applying the mud to your skin. Do it as
many times as you can during your trip – it’ll do everything from
cure cellulite to make your skin as soft as a newborn. Don’t shy
away from putting it in your hair too – you’ll come away with perfect shiny

Essentials you need to bring with you

A proper camera – you need to get those ‘floating in the sea’
snaps so that people will believe it.

How to get there

Fly to Amman, Jordan then drive for an hour.

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