Denmark: Sea and Sand

Imaginings of salty eyelashes, sandy toes, wind in my hair and the endless sea brought me to the west coast of Denmark. Also known as Jutland, the area boasts dramatic landscapes shaped by the North Sea: windswept white-sand beaches, high rugged dunes covered in gently swaying golden grass and expansive tidal flatlands. You can walk for miles and miles - to the horizon and beyond.

I stayed in a tiny cottage in Søndervig, a charming beach town which became a popular holiday destination in the 19th century. There are also lots of German bunkers buried in the dunes, serving as a stark reminder of World War Two.

The skies are Instagram-filter-blue, the light is magical, the wind bracing and the sand feels like powdered sugar under your feet - finding Hygge on the Danish coast is easy.

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