Andora, Italy

Andora, Italy


Andora, Italy

Why now?

While Genoa gets much of the attention surrounding the Italian
Riviera, Andora remains a solid favourite among Italian
holiday-makers. Long stretches of golden sand are complemented by
Ligurian terracotta houses on one side, while the clear blue Mar
Ligure extends into the Mediterranean on the other. The bay is
sheltered from the wind by inland mountains, making the beach an
ideal spot for sunbathing. Cool down with a refreshing dip in deep
waters (the town has held the Blue Flag award for clean beaches
since 1986). Wander round streets to explore medieval stone chapels
and ruins before venturing into the hinterland to admire groves of
peach and olive trees, drooping with the weight of ripe fruit
during summer months.

Don’t miss…

The food. Enjoy a lunch of freshly caught fish in this coastal
town before filling up on soft, warm slices of Ligurian focaccia
straight from the oven, topped with rosemary and doused in the
regional Taggiasca olive oil. Enjoy with a glass of Ligurian wine
made from vineyards on the nearby mountains.

The Riviera coast is known for having the best pesto in Italy.
Made by hand with a mortar and pestle using pine nuts, basil,
garlic, pecorino, parmesan and olive oil, pesto alla genovese is
usually served with trofie pasta (short, thin, twisted pasta native
to the region) which best absorbs the sauce.

Who to take with you

A diving expert to show you the ropes. There are several diving
centres in Andora where you can rent equipment to explore the
nearby seabed, filled with beautiful sea plants and colourful fish.
Experienced divers can check out the World War II shipwreck.

When to go

Relatively quiet for much of the year, the population of Andora
grows tenfold during the warmer months. While many advise against
joining the throng of holidaying Italians, this little town turns
into a hub of excitement in summer. Go in May for Azzuro Pesce
D’Autore, a food festival celebrating the delicious gastronomy of
Andora. There is often an open-air cinema set up in the city centre
in the warmer months, or head to Parco Delle Farfalle for music
concerts and performances.

Where to stay

Built in 1952, Albergo La Pineta is a modest
family-run hotel that epitomises traditional Italian hospitality.
Ask for a room overlooking Andora Bay for a private balcony with
views of the Mar Ligure.

Most likely to bump into…

There’s a whale sanctuary on the Ligurian coast directly in
front of Andora, so you’re likely to bump into tourists desperate
to catch a glimpse of these remarkable sea creatures. Excursions
leave from the marina, so meet there to join in on the search

Essentials to bring with you

Where better to wear gold-plated shell earrings inspired by
Dante’s Divine Comedy than on an Italian beach? Alighieri’s
The Floating Questions” are a
must for beach holiday chic.

How to get there

Fly to either Genoa or Nice for a quick and easy transfer to