Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

The eastern gateway to the Turkish Riviera, Antalya is one of the best launchpads for discovering the Turquoise Coast. Laze on beaches, explore Greco-Roman ruins and hunt for bargains in the markets of Kaleiçi.


Antalya, Turkey

Why now?

With a history as deep as the turquoise waves lapping its coast,
Antalya is the eastern gateway to the Turkish Riviera and all its
spoils. Sandwiched between the towering Taurus Mountains and sandy
beaches along Mediterranean, the city has much to be explored.

Start your day learning about the region’s history which spans
2,000 years. Head to the Greco-Roman ruins for the colossal
amphitheatre, visit the Temple of Apollo for monumental columns, or
make your way to Cirali Beach to see the ancient Greek ruins of
Olympos. For a natural phenomenon, make a beeline for Mount
Chimaera to see the “Eternal Flames” – fire created by naturally
occurring gasses escaping from the rock or, as legend has it, being
spewed by the monster of Chimaera.

In the afternoon, choose between sunbathing on the famous
Kleopatra Beach or heading inland to explore the mountains,
stopping by remote villages in the Dim Çayi Valley and taking a dip
in the Dim River if you’re brave enough (the water is very cold).
After a day well spent, reward yourself with a sundown tipple in
Alanya, Antalya’s harbour district which comes alive in the

Don’t miss…

Take one of Europe’s fastest cable cars to the top of Tahtalı
Dağı Mountain, where, at 7,750ft, you’ll have views across the
whole of Antalya. For more spectacular day trips, head to the Düden
Falls, which cascade among lush greenery before pouring into the

Who to take with you

Most stay in the ancient old city district of Kaleiçi, where
winding lanes and cobbled streets make a lovely setting for
shopping. Take a friend who can spot a good bargain, the city is
known for its artisanal markets selling everything from jewellery
and clothes to homeware.

When to go

Go at the end of April for warm temperatures and
fewer crowds.

Where to stay

Stay at Villa Mahal, a hillside hotel
surrounded by olive groves and frangipani trees overlooking the Bay
of Kalka. Laze next to the infinity pool, sip on cocktails at the
Mahal Beach Bar and dine on traditional Turkish cuisine at the
Villa Mahal Restaurant.

Most likely to bump into…

Party-goers in Kemer, Antalya’s buzzing club district. Enjoy a
cocktail at one of the bars, or if you’re more of a foodie, go
searching for food stalls selling gözleme, delicious savoury
pancakes filled with potatoes, cheese or meat.

Essentials to bring with you

Reformation’s Sheila floral-print midi dress
is perfect for summer; cool and airy for exploring Roman ruins, and
an elegant option for evening dinner and drinks.

How to get there

Fly directly into Antalya airport.