Bimini, Bahamas

Bimini, Bahamas

a trip that’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from Miami (we’re thinking post-Art Basel
island getaway), the Bimini Islands – consisting of two main
islands and a number of cays – are a new favourite. Ernest
Hemingway’s former summer destination of choice, as well as the
spot where Jimmy Buffett and Martin Luther King Jr. hid away to
write, it’s rare to find an environment that feels like a well-kept
secret with such a convenient location. This hush-hush destination
is one to watch.

Don’t miss

Lounging on the back of a boat as you float from bay to bay is
the essence of a weekend well-spent in Bimini. Pack a case of local
Kalik beer, try your hand at deep-sea fishing and enjoy the catch
of the day on-board. If sunbathing isn’t quite enough excitement,
the area is also renowned for hammerhead shark diving.

For activities on dry land, a rented golf cart is your best bet
for getting around. Check out the Dolphin House, a museum made up
of entirely recycled natural materials including beach glass,
shells and sea fans. Afterwards, head out to the Healing Hole, a
freshwater pond hidden away among mangrove trees that’s commended
for its healing properties.

When not making waves in perfectly translucent sea water, food
is a priority here. Local, down-to-earth eats are what it’s all
about, so rather than heading to a typical restaurant, follow up on
an activity-filled morning with a lunch of conch salad fresh off a
rickety stand. Come dinner time, stop by Edith’s Pizza Place for
just-caught grouper, cracked conch and pizza made in-house with
Bahamian bread dough. The morning after having had a few too many
Bahama Mamas, check out one of the local bakeries for a
hangover-curing loaf of warm, freshly-baked bread. If you don’t
know which one to hit up, ask a local who will most likely catch a
ride on the back of your golf cart to point you in the right

Who to take with you

A group of pals for renting out boats and partying until

When to go

November and December, so you’ll miss
hurricane season but enjoy the islands’ chilled vibes before too
many sun-seekers arrive on the scene.

Most likely to bump into

Harbour Island regulars on the hunt for a less chichi Bahamian

Essentials to bring with you

Sun Bum sun cream.

How to get there

Fly into Miami – the ferry ride to the Bimini Islands from there
is just two hours. You can also fly directly into the South Bimini
Airport, where you can hop onto a water taxi that will take you to
the main island. Before leaving the south island, however, stop by
the island-style Thirsty Turtle Bar for a Bimini Knockout (if you
can take the heat) and then splash yourself with the ice-cold well
water from the island’s Fountain of Youth. You’ll be wide awake for
your arrival in North Bimini.

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