Bled, Slovenia


Bled, Slovenia.

Why now?

Nestled in the Julian Alps, Bled is the perfect little resort town for those in search of an off-the-beaten-track breath of fresh air. It looks almost untouched by human civilisation with its lush green hills, icy mountain peaks and crystal-clear aqua rivers and lakes. The town itself is charming, speckled with quaint homes and church towers, while a medieval castle clings to the cliff face overlooking the glassy waters of Lake Bled. While few western tourists have ventured to these parts, you'll find plenty of lively restaurants and pubs, as well as cosy inns to rest your head. This is a place for those in the know. If a straightforward cityscape isn't quite adventurous enough, Bled also has a variety of glamping experiences. Whether you want to sleep in an oversized wooden barrel, a tree house or a tent, you can pretty much find it here. A host of outdoor activities include tobogganing, caving and kayaking, while Slovenia is also developing a dangerously good wine industry.

When to go?

Summer provides plenty of rays, but autumn is the ideal time to visit. You'll see the vibrant colours of the changing leaves, and hotel prices will be significantly lower. There will also be plenty of crisp, cool days to walk around the lake without too many tourists.

Most likely to bump into…

Hikers with rucksacks the size of small children.

Who to bring with you?

A significant other. The glamping experiences, walks around the city, wine tasting and nature hikes are all quite romantic, though can be equally enjoyed with a best friend.

Don't miss

A canyoning trip. You'll slide down waterfalls, swim in natural pools, scramble up boulders and explore the pristine nature surrounding Bled.

An essential to bring with you

The colours and sights of Bled will be unforgettable, but you'll want a camera to capture that beauty. Some sturdy hiking shoes are probably a good idea too.

How to get there?

Fly into Slovenia's capital Ljubljana, followed by a 36km car or shuttle bus ride to the resort.

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