Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.

Why now

You don’t need a reason to visit one of Earth’s most dramatic
landscapes. Bryce Canyon is the result of millions of years of
water and wind erosion creating a natural ‘amphitheatre’ of hoodoos
– gravity-defying limestone pillars that pierce the sky. It’s the
perfect place to escape big city life, get some fresh air and put
things in perspective.

When to go

Visit October to March and you may have entire trails to
yourself. While traditionally thought of as a summer destination,
winter in Bryce Canyon presents endless opportunities to go
snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. If you are adverse to the cold, then
definitely visit in the spring and summer when you can fish and
hike, just don’t go in the middle of summer, it’s far too hot and

Who to take with you

It could be an interesting mother/father/daughter/son bonding

Most likely to bump into…

Outdoor enthusiasts.

Don’t miss

Inspiration Point for the iconic view of Bryce Canyon and a
night hike (opt for a guide unless you’re feeling very brave).

An essential you need to bring with you

A tent. While you can stay in hotels or motels nearby, make sure
you camp out under the stars at least one night. Bryce Canyon is
one of best places in the United States for stargazing and has
unmissable sunsets and sunrises.

How to get there

Fly to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas, from which it is about a four-hour
but very scenic drive.

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