Burano, Venice

Burano, Venice


Burano, Venice.

Why now?

Burano’s more popular sister island, Murano, is known for its
glass-making and art installations, but this quaint little island
in the northern Venetian lagoon offers vibrant colours, speciality
fish dishes and an abundance of lace.

Don’t miss

Stroll down the main drag Calle Galuppi and stop for regular
pastries as you wander your way in and out of lace shops. Pose
outside the Church of San Martino, where the bell tower is at a
degree comparable to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

When to go?

Visit now to avoid the start of flooding season, known as “acqua
alta”. Late October
through to January
has the highest risk for floods in Venice and its outlying islands
and towns. Spring to early autumn is your best bet for touring
without soaking your trainers.

Who to take with you?

Your souvenir-happy mum.

Most likely to bump into…

Brightly coloured buildings in every shade of the rainbow. The
buildings in Burano resemble paint chips and homeowners are
required to ask the government if they want to change the colour of
their house. There are a group of acceptable hues based on the
location of your building.

Essentials to bring with you

An extra bag for carrying home all your new embroidered linens
and lace.

How to get there

An express ferry will take you from Venice to Burano in about 45
minutes, or you could skip over on a water taxi at your

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