Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco


Casablanca, Morocco.

Why now?

Casablanca, or “Casa” as everyone calls it, was made ever famous
by the 1942 Hollywood blockbuster yet attracts far fewer tourists
than Marrakech
and Fez. It’s Morocco’s commercial hub, a modern city full of young
people who’ve come to make their fortune. This cosmopolitan air is
juxtaposed with a rich history and a mishmash of architecture which
sees skyscrapers spring up next to Art Deco, Moresque and Arabic
buildings. If you’ve visited Marrakech, a long weekend in this
ex-pirate port will give you a new perspective on the country.

Don’t miss

A walk along the beach and a swim in the chilly Atlantic.

When to go?

Autumn has decent temperatures, while March
through until May
offers lush greenery as the country throws off the shackles of

Who to take with you?

A friend looking for a slightly different
city break

Most likely to bump into

Young creatives and business-savvy Moroccans.

Essentials to bring with you

An appetite for tagine.

How to get there

You can fly to Mohammed V Airport from nearly anywhere, and then
catch a train or bus into Casablanca. A ferry ride from Spain is
slower but allows you to hop off the train and visit a few other
Moroccan cities following your ferry ride.

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