Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki, Finland

Why now?

Located on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland, this Scandinavian
capital is surrounded by water on three sides – and it’s currently
being touted as ‘the new Copenhagen’. In winter, the city and
surrounding water is enveloped in snow as the city welcomes holiday
celebrations. Frequent symphony performances around town play
familiar favourites such as Handel’s Messiah, while offering a
welcome chance to get out of the cold. During the day, the plethora
of museums, shops and galleries also make excuses to hide out from
wintery weather. If you have the time, you must venture beyond the
city to see the Northern Lights, a once-in-lifetime experience.

When to go?

Each season offers up a distinctively different Helsinki to
explore. If you can handle the cold, winter is full of Christmas
cheer with traditional markets and classical music galore. Come
spring, the temperature warms up and brings with it lively
celebrations such as the Helsinki Beer Festival, which is closely
followed by a festival dedicated to coffee. In May, you’ll find the
charmingly named Lovely Helsinki Festival, an ode to the city’s
best bits – this is the time to visit for an truly immersive,
all-things-Helsinki experience.

Who to take with you?

Someone with appreciation for design, food, and architecture.
Helsinki is a blend of old and new in all these areas, making it a
dynamic destination appreciated by aesthetes and gastronomes

Most likely to bump into?

Style-conscious visitors looking for an alternative European
city break without the hordes of tourists.

Don’t miss

It’s worth making the short trip just outside the city to see
the Fortress of Suomenlinna. This UNESCO World Heritage site dates
back to the mid-18th century and has stunning views of the city and
its port, stretching out across the open expanse of sea. Don’t
forget your camera.

Essentials to bring with you

No matter the season bring comfortable shoes because walking is
the best way to appreciate Helsinki. It goes without saying that
visitors should keep the climate when packing – no one wants to be
left out in the cold without a hat and gloves.

How to get there

Norwegian Airlines fly direct from London Gatwick to Helsinki,
while Finnair flies direct from London Heathrow. A direct flight is
about three hours, with a bus from the airport to the city centre
taking about thirty minutes.

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