Lavaux, Switzerland

Lavaux, Switzerland

has been protected by UNESCO since 2006 thanks to the
unique structure of its vineyards. The largest vineyard region in
all of Switzerland, its vines climb up the steep hills bordering
the shores of Lac Léman. Since the vine leaves grow increasingly
golden as temperatures continue to drop, it’s one of the prettiest
pockets of Europe to visit in November.

Don’t miss

The medieval town of St Saphorin that sits right on the
crystalline lake is renowned for its winding roads and 16th-century
stone houses, so meander through it with an open mind and stop by
any Swiss pub that takes your fancy.

The primary reason for visiting the area is, of course, the wine
tasting. Hike through the terraced vineyards to take in the crisp
surrounding views before stopping at one of the winemaking houses
to sample a rich Chasselas vintage, which Switzerland’s Vaud region
prides itself on. While the overall experience will feel positively
celestial – bright blue skies, turning leaves and a bird’s-eye view
over the lake and snowcapped peaks – it’s likely you’ll be among
the first of your friends to discover Switzerland for its wine
offering, and you don’t need us to remind you about the cheese to
go with it.

Who to take with you

Make this a romantic weekend for two with ample time for
leisurely mornings and afternoon-long wine tastings.

When to go

Anytime from late summer through autumn is perfect for hiking,
catching the harvest season and sampling wine and cheese al fresco
before winter strikes.

Most likely to bump into

People who work in the wine industry and Swiss couples enjoying
the fruits of their local produce (Swiss wine is hardly exported,
but locals are well aware of what a worthy competitor it is to the
wines of neighbouring countries).

Essentials to bring with you

Pack a pair of shearling-lined booties that
have enough grip to hike the terraced vineyards but will also look
chic as you’re observing the lake with a glass of white wine in

How to get there

Fly into Geneva and hop on the train in the country that’s
mastered the art of efficient railway systems.

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