Palomino, Colombia

Palomino, Colombia

along the high road between the busy port city of
Santa Marta and backpacker central, Riohacha, lies the small town
of Palomino. Choose your view – and excursion level – based on the
time of day; as the sunset turns the sky a dreamy purple haze, turn
your back on the Caribbean
to catch a glimpse of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada de
Santa Marta mountains behind you. Spend your days horseback riding
on the beach and in the evening, sample some of the Caribbean
Coast’s best fish dishes at seafront bamboo shacks. End your day
sipping on aguardiente cocktails from a choice of beach bars and
pat yourself on the back for finding this slice of Colombian

Don’t miss…

Tubing down the Palomino River. Arrange a tour guide to drive
you up to the Sierra Nevada mountains; there, you will disembark
and hike up the steeper trails before reaching the river. Hop into
your tube and swiftly float back down to the Caribbean Sea. Listen
to chattering monkeys, squawking birds and a cacophony of other
forest animals as you admire the mountain’s jungle foothills along
the way.

Who to take with you

A twitcher. The forests and jungles surrounding Palomino’s
beaches are filled with incredible wildlife and ecosystems. Go for
long hikes to try and catch sight of toucans, parrots and other
exotic birds perching amid the branches.

When to go

Go in September
to have the beach to yourself while
avoiding crowds

Most likely to bump into…

The Caribbean Coast is a notorious

surfing hotspot
. Make friends with surfer dudes – you’ll need
some motivational guidance as you clamber back onto your board for
the hundredth time.

Essentials to bring with you

Sun cream.

How to get there

Fly from Heathrow direct to Santa Marta Airport. Hop on a bus or
get a taxi from the airport to reach Palomino in under two

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