Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia


Perth, Australia

Why now?

The hype has always been around Melbourne
, but Perth is emerging as the new cool kid on the block
thanks to a spate of new openings and a young creative crowd. With
temperatures averaging 25 degrees and 13 hours of sunlight a day at
this time of year, it’s also an ideal place to seek refuge from the
northern hemisphere’s winter. While it’s an obvious beach spot
(with plenty of surfer types, if that’s your bag), the city is
taking cultural strides with cutting-edge galleries, restaurants
and bars joining the Western Australian Ballet and Opera.

Don’t miss

If you’re the type to “Insta or it didn’t happen” after a
workout, you can’t go to Perth without taking on the Bibbulmun
Track. Winding through jungles and along hilltops overlooking the
turquoise surf, it’s at the top of our list of favourite coastal
hikes alongside Cinque Terre and Hawaii‘s Kalalau Trail. Art
lovers should pay a visit to the sunshiny Gallows Gallery, which
features new Australian artists every three weeks. For a mix of
contemporary visual and performance art, head to the innovative
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Who to take with you

A group of friends. Perth is the ideal destination for
adventures, both day and night.

When to go

to March.

Most likely to bump into

A surfer who runs a startup incubator on weekdays.

Essentials to bring with you

A bikini, a playsuit and some hiking gear are everything you’ll
need for this low-maintenance getaway.

How to get there

Fly into Perth Airport. Qantas has launched direct flights from
London starting
March 25, 2018, but if the thought of a 17 hour flight puts you
off, many connect through Dubai
and Abu
for those looking for a 24-hour whirlwind tour of another
city en route.

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