Santiago, Chile


Santiago, Chile. Read our guide here.

Why now

Sitting between the 'sky' (the Andes) and the 'sea' (the Pacific) Santiago is a city with a spectacular backdrop. Due to its location, it plays host to so many activities and is therefore a menace for the indecisive - visitors can go trekking, skiing, climbing or wine tasting for starters. It has a lively and colourful history and old school charm but is also a modern city with a thriving economy - all the new restaurants, bars and boutique hotels serve as proof.

When to go

Anytime. But September to November for sunnier weather, March to May for wine or May to September for that killer powder snow.

Who to take with you

Someone who speaks Spanish but apart from that Santiago is a destination you can visit with anyone.

Most likely to bump into...

Very friendly locals who will welcome you with open arms.

Don't miss

The foot pedals below benches in public parks in Bellavista- why just sit when you could work out? Café con Piernas - 'coffee with legs' aka coffee served by scantily clad women at a standing bar. Empanadas of any kind.

An essential you need to bring with you?

Layers of clothing - the temperature fluctuates quite dramatically between night and day. Ear plugs might also be helpful because the city can be quite noisy.

How to get there

Easily accessible by direct flights from many major cities.

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